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1555Re: Are Eck Masters really guardian angels?

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 27, 2006
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      Hello, All!

      Harold Klemp also writes about guardian angels on pages 30-31
      in "Those Wonderful ECK Masters:"

      "Guardian Angels

      The guardian angels we hear of in the media are often ECK Masters.
      The ECK Masters are guardian angels. However, not all guardian
      angels are ECK Masters, and there's a real difference.

      A guardian angel's main role is to protect people. Such a guardian
      picks a person and stays with him, to provide help with whatever
      powers lie in that guardian's keeping. But different angels have
      different levels of ability. Look at students in a classroom: they
      are not equal and alike in their abilities. The same is true of

      To complete the quote on page 192, it reads:

      "Should you ever hear me (HK) speak of opening your wings, it means
      to come into an awareness of the spiritual love and protection of
      the ECK Masters.

      They are guardian angels, near you all the time. Just open your
      awareness and rise above the cramped arena of the human
      consciousness so you can recognize and accept their benvolence."

      Frankly, I think that when you arise above the human consciousness,
      you might miss recognizing guardian angels, for after all, the need
      of such entities occur on the physical plane. I think we all have
      had experiences with true guardian angels--for instance, being saved
      from accidents, feeling calming presences, being guided to be
      somewhere at a certain time, perhaps off the beaten path, to
      discover a purpose for being there, and so forth.

      It is a very easy thing for Harold Klemp to claim that his fake eck
      masters are guardian angels, simply because guardian angels do
      exist; however, those in the know, realize guardian angels are not
      these bogus eck masters--and certainly Harold Klemp a.k.a. Wah-Z, is
      no angel, because angels wouldn't be liars!

      I do wonder, though, if Harold Klemp would claim Clarence in "It's a
      Wonderful Life," to be an ECK Master? After all, there is that
      wonderful bridge jumping scene in the movie! : )



      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@...
      > "The ECK Masters are guardian angels,
      > near you all the time. Just open your
      > awareness and rise above the cramped
      > arena of the human consciousness so
      > you can recognize and accept their
      > benevolence."
      > by Harold Klemp:
      > Those Wonderful ECK Masters
      > page 192
      > *** or is HK mixing what he knows best "Christianity" within the
      > Eck writings in an attempt to convert more Christians, or Angel
      based religious
      > followers? Making those wonderful eck masters out to be, what
      they are
      > not....
      > #######
      > The word angel means “messenger of God.”
      > Angels love everyone unconditionally. They focus on our Divinity
      > potential. They want to help you, me, and everyone live in peace.
      Angels stationed
      > permanently by our side are called guardian angels. Archangels
      are managers
      > overseeing our guardian angels. The angelic realm also includes
      “choirs” of
      > angels called principalities, powers, virtues, dominions,
      thrones, cherubim and
      > seraphim.
      > Guidance and instruction from angels comes in one of four ways:
      physical or
      > emotional feelingâ€"such as a hunch or gut feeling; visions and
      dreamsâ€"an image
      > that appears in your minds eye; knowingnessâ€"a revelation or
      “download” of
      > information; words and soundsâ€"such as hearing a song in your
      > Angels leave signs of their presence all the time! Feathers in
      > places, hearing the same recommendation from several sources, a
      sweet fragrance,
      > sparkles of light, and more. The more you take note of these
      signs, the more
      > confidence you’ll have in angels.
      > Angels are tasked with protecting us. Ask the angels to watch
      over you and
      > your loved ones. They will listen! Angels can help you find lost
      objects, the
      > right job, a great home, good health, wonderful friends and so
      much more.
      > An angel may come into our lives in human form for a brief
      relationship, to
      > provide us with protection, to steer us through a major life
      intersection, or
      > to give us extra support and guidance.
      > More than anything, your angels wish you to enjoy utter peace and
      > They’re available around-the-clock to help you with this
      endeavor. All you
      > need to do is ask.
      > Excerpts from Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue.
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