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1523Re: Eckankar: The Private Side vs. The Secret Side

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 30, 2006
      Hi Mish,
      I thought that I would respond to some of your comments and why
      Eckankar won't share financial info.

      Mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!
      I've injected a couple of comments to Prometheus' post--please read

      Prometheus wrote:
      I was reading something where an Eckist, I think, was wondering
      where the private side of Eckankar began and the secret side of
      Eckankar ended! Eckankar was supposed to have been a Secret Teaching
      at one time and the Discourses are supposed to be Secret. However,
      Twitch just didn't want the public to see his plagiarized material
      for free! People have to pay for discourses/initiations via Eck

      At one time Eckists were supposed to keep their inner experiences
      private. Sharing these private spiritual experiences is like casting
      pearls before swine - right? Why then are Eckists now encouraged and
      pressured (to a degree) to share their private inner experiences
      with the public? It's all about the Vahana/missionary effort and

      Mish: I was reading on an eck chat site a few weeks ago. This one
      eckist was giving tips on how to do talks with the public that were
      set up at local places, like bookstores and libraries, etc. He said
      that each presenter should have a story to tell and if they didn't
      have one, they could "use" one from Harold's talks, presenting it as
      their own. So you can see plagiarism is quite okay in getting
      the "eck" message out to the public in a deceptive way. Whatever
      works, it doesn't matter about the autheticity of it. That's not
      important to liars at all. Of course, suckering more people into the
      cult means more dollars for the org and of course its continuation--
      so that is what is more important than truth!

      ***Yes, where are the ethics and morals of these Eckists? Usually
      most Eckists (except for Klemp and other delusional ones) are
      ethical. Some people, however, never change and if they weren't
      ethical before Eckankar then chances are they won't be during or
      after their Eckankar membership either! One has to want to change
      and be willing and able to do the "Gnothe Seauton" process
      of 'knowing thyself' before one can know thy Self! Unfortunately,
      some people avoid this process because of whom they have become.
      Therefore, they (ego) now rationalizes every aspect of their lives
      because it is too difficult for them to admit the truth about "what"
      they have also become. And, this too gives them the illusion of
      control because they are able to manipulate those few or many around
      them through their deceit of friendliness which they use freely
      while talking about their own intelligence (vis 3rd person) and
      thinking how cunning they are. Afterall, they have outsmarted those
      with high level and multiple university degrees! In truth, however,
      they fear the world and have no beliefs outside of the realm of ego
      and what they perceive they can control in their closed little world.

      Prometheus: Klemp even wrote about a private Initiation experience,
      of an Eckist, that was shared with him in an Initiate Report! Some
      Eckists don't even know about the Secret Side of the cult. Many
      Eckists don't know anything about their local "Board." The RESA has
      a Board of officers and trustees and the names of these members are
      usually unknown. WHY? And, there is a "Board" at the ESC - who are
      they? There used to be a Spiritual Council... why was it disbanded
      and what took its place? However, most Eckists know little about any
      of this. How much money does the local Satsang Society have in the
      bank or invested? What amount of money comes in and what are the
      expendures and assets? The same questions can be applied to the ESC.
      Who's in charge, at the ESC, of Spiritual Services or Public
      Information, etc., etc.? Does Klemp own his copyrights or does

      Why are these Outer things so important to keep secret when Klemp
      doesn't keep the more important Inner things secret? This doesn't
      make sense, unless, there's something dishonest to hide!

      Mish: The Christian Church that I attended at one time while growing
      up has always kept me informed as to their bank accounts and the
      costs of maintaining their church, parish and other expenses. Even
      though I was never a formal member and I moved away (out of state
      and didn't inform them of my new address), I still receive their
      newsletters, and each year there is an accounting of their expenses
      for all to read. They don't mind who in the public is reading it
      obviously, because there is nothing to hide. : )

      ***Yes, it is amazing how some groups of people are honest and
      straight forward. Klemp claims that Eckankar moved to Minnesota, in
      part, due to the work ethic. But where are his ethics? Why does
      Eckankar hide their financial records? Actually, I'm told that this
      is the main reason as to why Eckankar moved to Minnesota. In
      Minnesota Non-Profit Organizations legally don't have to divulge
      financial info like they do in California.

      So, with all the money Darwin spent and the need for keeping
      financial records closed, the secrets on Twitchell that needed kept
      out of the media, the influence of other New Age groups in
      California upon Eckankar members, the more bang for your buck for
      building a temple in Minnesota, and a place where Klemp felt more at
      home and could hide out more easily - it seemed Minnesota was a good

      I wonder how many other groups/churches hide their money and assets?
      It does kind of make you wonder why they're not willing to share
      this information doesn't it? I think that with Eckankar they
      use "trust" as a manipulative device. Don't Eckists "trust" the
      LEM/Mahanta? Maybe Klemp needs to demonstrate "trust" by revealing
      all of the financial records. As Above So Below!
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