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1441Re: Rod of Eck Power vs. Staff of Eck Love

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  • Elizabeth
    Jun 2, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Gnothe Seauton
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      >Twitchell invented the ROD of Eck Power. However, I find it curious
      that he needed to invent a ROD for POWER (nlp?)!

      *** Thought I would post something to go along with what Prometheus
      wrote concerning the Rod of Eck Power. And also to re-address Klemp's
      EMR illness, and who he claims caused it. ;-)

      Klemp writes:
      "It is surprising that some ECK initiates never make a connection
      between the Master's physical illness and their own spiritual
      unfoldment. They think, Why is he sick? Karma? How many fail to
      consider that an intense trial of spiritual purification among the
      chelas and people everywhere goes first through the universal body of
      the Mahanta. Those effects naturally show up in the Master's life as
      health or other reverses." - Harold Klemp, H.I. Letter, March 1996

      (Me) So basically it is the Eck Chela's fault for why Klemp is so
      ill. (Klemp claims to be the holding tank for the Karma of the entire

      Paul Twitchell writes:
      "No master will ever take over the karma of anyone. He knows better
      for it will destroy his own health and drive him into despair." - All
      About ECK, page 43, Paul Twitchell

      Klemp writes:
      "The Rod of ECK Power gets too hot to handle beyond the time of your
      mission and you have to let it go. Darwin had to let it go. Or the
      Rod of ECK Power will burn you to a crisp. That means your health
      will go to destruction. He (Darwin Gross) had to pass it. When my
      time comes I have to pass it." - Harold Klemp, Eck H.I. Meeting, 1983
      World Wide Of Eck, Los Angeles, California

      (Me) So hey, I better mention where I found these quotes and add the
      link just in case anyone might like to read more:


      And to give credit to the person that did the original research on
      the above quotes, you can find more from *Raphael* in the above link,
      nearly all the way down the page to where it says "HAROLD KLEMP

      Have a good weekend everyone!
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