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1384The Easy Way!

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  • mishmisha9
    May 5, 2006
      >mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, Kaye and All!

      TS has a new post on his BB, 4/30/2006, "Weekly Posting: Response to
      Q Whan on Plagiarism and Other Matters" which goes along in part
      with this other repost (below) from the Truth Seeker Message Board,
      regarding PT's plagiarism of the Buddha quote.

      This is a portion of Ford Johnson's post: "Many now in Eckankar can
      not bear to read Confessions. They are simply not prepared to
      confront information that they suspect can dislocate their
      comfortable equilibrium. This is ego's way of protecting them now
      because they really can't deal with truth at this time. They are not
      willing to go through the dislocation that truth will foster if they
      seek a new equilibrium. While this is the inevitable process of
      spiritual growth, ego protects each of us until we are ready to
      handle the next dose of truth. That is why a love for, indeed the
      imperative of truth, is the most important ingredient in the
      spiritual unfoldment of the individual. Some of us are truth-seekers
      while others are, temporarily at least, 'gate keepers.'"


      Hi, All!

      I wanted to take a portion from the earlier post to highlight what
      Ford wrote about why many eckists cannot and/or do not want to read
      his book "Confessions of a God Seeker." I think what Ford stated
      expresses it very well. For sure the ego is looking to be protected,
      but there is also the initial reason the ego seeks to be led and
      indoctrinated. It seems that many prefer taking the "easy way" by
      agreeing to being a follower of some godman--even accepting the fact
      that the spiritual goal of attaining spiritual freedom will not be
      achieved in this lifetime. These followers seem like sleep walkers
      in that they know very well that the eagerly sought higher
      initiations will take forever! But they don't seem to mind, or
      perhaps the law of silence and the threat of being called a loser by
      the mahanta keeps them waking up to the truth! Of course, while the
      lower initiates are slowly chasing the carrot of initiations,
      eckankar is earning their money! : )

      "The Easy Way," of course, is the name of the first discourse that
      is offered in eckankar right now. For the sum of $130.00-$135.00
      (annual membership dues), one receives this set of loose pamphlets.
      There is not much sustance to them, especially when one considers
      the price of receiving this "education." Being deceived into
      believing that the fake mahanta and fake eck masters can show chelas
      the easy way toward spiritual growth and enlightenment is pricey in
      more ways then one. (I think I have my copies of the discourses
      somewhere so I might re-visit what is written on those illuminary
      pages! LOL!)

      Anyway, it is my belief that many individuals join guru led paths
      because it is the easy way. Many individuals who elect to be
      followers and surrender their higher self seem a bit lazy and
      irresponsible. And they fear looking at the truth, i.e. reading
      Ford's book. It certainly is much easier to believe the mahanta can
      show them the way, help them to reach God Realization. But
      unfortunately, the mahanta has no special talents or abilities;
      therefore he is doing absolutely nothing for the chelas beyond
      misleading, deceiving, impeding their spiritual growth, and of
      course eagerly taking their hard earned money! It's a perfect scam
      because so many people really want to be followers of
      some sort or another instead of standing up against the wind!

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