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  • ewickings@aol.com
    Apr 22, 2006
      Prometheus wrote:
      April 2006  Youth in ECK - Letter of Light Questions for the Master
      [Q]: When I go to the ECK Worship Service [EWS] with my dad, I
      always talk to him about the topic on the way home. Should I share
      it with the other worship-service attendees, or should I keep my
      feelings to myself and my dad? --Laura, age 13
      [HK]: "Dear Laura, Your dad respects your views, so you feel
      confident in sharing them with him. Whomever you pick to share your
      feelings about ECK Worship Service topics with should give you the
      same feeling of confidence your dad does."
      (Liz):  HK starts out giving the feeling that this young girl is respected by her father.  Good choice, most child psychologists would encourage this technique.   Laura points out she discusses this with her father on the way home.  Apparently they are the only two attending the EWS in her family?  I recall when I started the Youth / Family Worship Services in various areas, there is always time after reading from the SK books,  where attendees gather into groups to discuss the service highlights / topic. Has this changed?  Why does this young lady feel she can not discuss openly what her thoughts or concerns are during this time?  The HI giving the service should be able to handle any questions that come up.  Or, does she sense that she is not allowed to have the power to choose to see things as they really are, or differently from the group.   When HK states that she should share her feelings about the ECK WS, with others that will give her the same confidence as her dad.  To me this shows that the only other people she could seriously discuss this with is other Eckist!  No one from her high school or neighborhood would understand her spiritual path... unless of course she is being a good youth vahana?  So for HK to say only  share your thoughts with those that share the same feelings as her dad, what he is really saying is distance yourself from non believers. Don't trust anyone else but an Eckist.  And we all know the reasoning behind that.  Alienate yourself from the outside world, basically stop any critical rational thinking, and give over complete authority to the Mahanta, the LEM.       
      For those for us raising teenagers, I would suspect Laura shares similar feelings as my own teens do.  Sharing their thoughts or asking a trusted parent for advise is usually not the normal teen behavior during the formative teen years while discovering their own place in life.  I won't assume I know this young girl's family situation.  But if she is in the public school system, she will have other influences that will allow her to keep using some of her critical thinking mind!  We can only hope!
      From Louise L. Hay's Meditations to Heal Your Life book:
      I am the main authority in my world.
      I am the author of my life.
      No person, place, or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind. As a child I accepted authority  figures as gods. Now I am learning to take back my power and become my own authority figure. I now accept myself as a powerful, responsible being. As I meditate every morning, I get in touch with my own inner wisdom. The school of life is deeply fulfilling as we come to know that we are all students and all teachers. We each have come to learn something and to teach something. As I listen to my thoughts, I gently guide my mind toward trusting my own Inner Wisdom.  Grow and blossom and entrust all your affairs on Earth to your Divine Source.  
      [HK]: "There's something else to keep in mind too. Speak to others
      only of things you liked about the topic, never of the things you
      didn't like."
      (Liz): Don't allow any rational thoughts (which to eckankar are considered negative) to enter your minds!  Only speak to eckist, since the outside world just might point out the craziness of eckankar.  When my teens were exposed to other thought processes outside of the teachings, (like their friends thinking eckankar was a cult) my kids were able to see just how crazy it really is!   One day I am sure eckankar will eventually offer their own educational programs right there on the eck campus.  Isolate the future of eckankar, their youth, to ensure it's financial survival, and control!      
      [HK]: "Talking about the positive side keeps the topic pure and holy
      in your heart."
      (Liz): HK could have used this opportunity to speak of changing thoughts with something similar from  Louise L. Hay.  But he continues to make it seem as if anything outside of positive is no longer pure and holy in one's heart.  Life is not one sided!  But we can choose to approach life from a different perspective.  Negative topics or thoughts are not necessarily bad IMHO.    
      I change my thinking with love.
      I change my life when I change my thinking. We are Light. We are Spirit. We are wonderful, capable beings, all of us! And it is time for us to acknowledge that we create our own reality. We create our reality with our minds. If we want to change our reality, then it's time for us to change our minds. We do this by choosing to think and speak in new positive ways. I learned a long time ago that if I would change my thinking, I could change my life. Changing our thinking is really dropping our limitations. As we drop our limitations, we begin to be aware of the Infinity of life all around us. We begin to understand that we are already perfect, whole, and complete. Each day gets easier.
      [HK]: "I'm glad to see that you care about the things of Spirit.
      That kind of appreciation will serve you well throughout your whole
      (Liz): Decide to go beyond your present limited human-mind thinking. Yes, you can. 
      I am a decisive person.
      When you care about your physical well-being, you select healthy, nutritious foods to eat. When you care about your mental and emotional well-being, you decide to choose thoughts that create a solid inner foundation for yourself. One idle thought does not mean very much, but thoughts that we think over and over are like drops of water. First there is a puddle, then a pond, then a lake, then an ocean. Repeated criticism and thoughts of lack and limitation drown your consciousness in a sea of negativity, while repeated thoughts of Truth and peace and love lift you up so that you float on the ocean of life with ease. Thoughts that connect you with the Oneness of life make it easier for you to make good decisions and to stick to them.
      These are some of the things HK could have pointed out or elaborated on.  Instead HK only leaves the youth wondering what the heck he just said!  Pretty darned frustrating IMO!
      Give over your authority to Eckankar, and you place all sorts of limitations on yourself!  
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