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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 15 12:33 PM
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      Hi All,
      Yes, Eckists are both fearful and arrogant and Not very open,
      tolerant, or forgiving. There is No Unconditional love for most
      Eckists... it is all conditional and limiting when involving former
      Eckists. Eckists are concerned with what higher
      positioned "settlers" will think. They want to show that they can be
      trusted, BUT this all comes back to those future Initiations that
      they are fearful of Not receiving.

      Everything in Eckankar is tied to the (1) initiations and (2)
      positions of power and (3) notoriety. Most Eckists would be more
      than happy to end up with a 7th initiation and to be an ESA. Others
      want also to be a RESA! Some Eckists seek attention as a means for
      power and want to be speakers at major and regional seminars. Other
      Eckists want to be authors or at least have their stories mentioned
      on stage (and in print) by Klemp or in an Eck publication. All of
      these "things" are supposed to show Eckists and others (HK too) that
      they are spiritually advanced! This is their "spiritual" currency.

      It's a real bonus for an Eckist to recieve an 8th or 9th initiation
      or for a female (Joan) to reach the Co-LEM (12th) initiation status.
      The Catch-22 is that Klemp can decree that any Eckist has lost their
      state of consciousness (and rank) at any given time, and for any
      reason including conduct or speech. And, an Eckist can especially be
      demoted or placed back (three years each incident) on the initiation
      list if one stops paying their annual membership donation!

      On another note, for some reason (as an Eckist) I never thought it
      strange that a 12th (Klemp, or anyone) could demote a 14th (Gross)!?

      [IMO]: The Karma that Eckists (and others) experience is directly
      tied into the "ego." The more fear that one realizes requires more
      compensation by either numbing or distracting the ego (through
      drugs, sex, possesions, etc.) or by strengthing the ego. Delusion,
      rationalizing, and tunnel vision increases as the ego realizes fear
      and the flaws & weaknesses of the reality that "self" has created,
      OR as it realizes the real "physical" threats to its limited
      existance (life). The thoughts, feelings, and actions produced by
      fear (and a lack of love and empathy) also produces Karma.
      When "Soul" can see the total reality and purpose of life and can
      balance the fun and love and "dharma" with the pain and loss (which
      includes one's own death of the body) then one begins to see without
      the clouded vision of ego. "Reality" then takes a shift into areas
      of attentiveness that encompass "inner" and "outer" insights and a
      blending of understanding.

      Anyway, that's my take on it at this time. I hope everyone has a
      great Easter weekend!


      pretujari wrote:

      Hi Christel,
      With the Karma thing, I'm of the same opinion as Liz. That we all
      come here to follow a program of growth and experiences which we
      agreed to and actually designed ourselves before we incarnated. This
      is why each individual is unique and go through their own unique
      With how Eckists treat us former Eckists, I think it is the fear
      of losing their credibility with the cult if they are seen to be
      associating with us so-called 'Kal agents.' I have lost a couple of
      very good friends because I left the cult. Its a matter of 'if they
      are not for us, then they are against us.' Also they believe in the
      crap of being the 'chosen people' some kind of 'spiritual elite' who
      must not associate themselves with us spiritual 'hoi poloi' or
      renegades. If only they knew how pathetically deluded they are with
      their phoney little godman.


      Christel-Heine wrote:
      always it is good to read here and to find all doubts and scepticims
      in my ekult-time. Sometimes then I saw myself total nutty because
      nobody else could understand what was the problem to me and I got
      doubts of myself!

      So also about karma. In ekult karma only is bad, but in the eastern
      thinking, we produce also good karma. In ekult all good we do
      is 'the Mahanta' within us, 'Thank you, Mahanta'. Only the bad doing
      is my action? I never could believe, that the good I do is the merit
      of the LEM, Mahanta!!

      Another point:
      Is someone knowing about orders or instructions to HI's by the LEM
      to treat friends who has left ekult? I couldn't understand, since
      I've left e, my longstanding friend for years before I got eckist,
      has changed so much in her relation to me. If possible, thanks for



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