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1289Karma - Good & Bad and Poor Attitudes by Eckists

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  • prometheus_973
    Apr 12, 2006
      Hi Christel,
      Karma is a strange thing. Yes, there is "good" and "bad" and yet the
      bad can be seen as good because it benefits Soul (eventually) and
      yet good can be seen as bad because it, is said, to hold Soul back
      from attaining final freedom. It was also once said that most
      Eckists were financially poor because they spent most of
      their "good" karma to find Eckankar! LOL!

      As far as any "official" directives involving treatment of former
      Eckists there are policies in place, BUT these are monitored by the
      RESAs [and by the secret "special security" service of former
      resas]. Generally Eckists just read "between-the-lines" or take
      clues from the negativity that is expressed both directly and
      indirectly by Klemp. Also, any true Eckist will know the Eck dogma
      well enough to understand that Eckists, and especially High
      Initiates, are superior to other Souls. A 2nd Initiate does not have
      to reincarnate again and 6th Initiates (or higher) are established
      on (at least) the Soul Plane (according to dogma). Of course, these
      superior attitudes are nothing new if people would just look around
      at other religions and cults and to remember world and national

      However, Klemp seems to contradict the dogma established by
      Twitchell by saying that initiations, too, can be won or lost daily.
      I always read (and thought) that it was "consciousness" that could
      be won or lost daily, or from moment to moment! The (phoney)
      initiations should remain in place due to the protection and
      guidance of the Mahanta for his chelas. BUT, we now see that Klemp
      has reneged on this too! Yes, he's not much of a Mahanta! Then
      again, where was HK's Virgin Birth! And yet, he claims to be greater
      than Jesus! LOL!

      p.s. I too have to say THANKS to Freefrom and that "I like all of
      you" as well!

      mishmisha wrote:

      Christel wrote:
      always it is good to read here and to find all doubts and scepticims
      in my ekult-time. Sometimes then I saw myself total nutty because
      nobody else could understand what was the problem to me and I got
      doubts of myself!

      So also about karma. In ekult karma only is bad, but in the eastern
      thinking, we produce also good karma. In ekult all good we do
      is 'the Mahanta' within us, 'Thank you, Mahanta'. Only the bad doing
      is my action? I never could believe, that the good I do is the merit
      of the LEM, Mahanta!!

      Another point:Is someone knowing about orders or instructions to
      HI's by the LEM to treat friends who has left ekult? I couldn't
      understand, since I've left e, my longstanding friend for years
      before I got eckist, has changed so much in her relation to me.
      If possible, thanks for responds Christel


      Hi, Christel!

      I agree about there being both good and bad karma, and actually
      there is a need to experience both, although I do prefer the good
      more! : )

      As to what orders and instructions may be given to H.I.'s by the LEM
      on how to treat those of us who have dropped out, I don't know.
      Perhaps, some others can shed some light on your question.
      However, since dropping out of e-cult, I have maintained some
      friendships with some eckists while others have fallen by the
      wayside. We really didn't have much of an association except for e-
      cult, so I find this a normal response to my leaving. But I did have
      a couple of "good" eck friends, who after trying to maintain a
      friendly relationship, said they could no longer handle being around
      me, and said goodbye. It was at least honest, and I'm okay with that
      as well.

      The interesting thing, though, that while being a lower initiate in
      e-cult I had my fair share of being shunned and ignored by H.I.s. I
      was told that I wasn't spiritually evolved enough and some H.I.s
      feared that lower initiates such as myself would bring down their
      higher vibrations--they could not and would not associate with those
      members who were not H.I.s--really delusional arrogance! I wonder
      what those H.I.s would do for a person in an emergency? Oh, I know
      it's that karma thing, so don't interfere, right! LOL!


      P.S. Freefrom, thanks for the message! I like you too! : )
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