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  • christel_heine2003
    Apr 12, 2006
      always it is good to read here and to find all doubts and scepticims
      in my ekult-time. Sometimes then I saw myself total nutty because
      nobody else could understand what was the problem to me and I got
      doubts of myself!
      So also about karma. In ekult karma only is bad, but in the eastern
      thinking, we produce also good karma. In ekult all good we do is 'the
      Mahanta' within us, 'Thank you, Mahanta'. Only the bad doing is my
      action? I never could believe, that the good I do is the merit of the
      LEM, Mahanta!!
      Another point:
      Is someone knowing about orders or instructions to HI's by the LEM to
      treat friends who has left ekult? I couldn't understand, since I've
      left e, my longstanding friend for years before I got eckist, has
      changed so much in her relation to me.
      If possible, thanks for responds Christel
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