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1245The Purpose of Anti-Eckankar Sites

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  • mishmisha9
    Mar 31 2:14 AM
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      Hi, Everyone!

      This is a repost from Aug. 2005. I thought I would bring it back to
      the forefront because it explains the purpose (IMO) of anti-eckankar
      sites such as ESA. Those who remember this post, I hope you don't
      mind re-reading, and to anyone new who hasn't read it yet, I hope
      you enjoy!

      It is always interesting that when you speak up about seeing the
      truth or that you present a differing perspective that people--
      Eckies and newly ex-Eckies--misunderstand the real purpose of these
      discussions and tag us as being angry and not moving on. Well, I
      have moved on, but I feel a responsibility to share my Eckankar
      experiences and knowledge with others who are still under its spell.
      The easiest path would be to just forget it! But what about the
      others--who have doubts and questions? If you Eckies are reading
      this, yes, you have doubts and questions--that is what really draws
      you here! Otherwise, your faith would be so strong, you wouldn't
      feel the need to protect it! : ) Plus, if we don't speak out, the
      truth will just be buried once more and the delusion/lies/deceptions
      will continue.

      For those of you, who still view Eckankar as a nice stepping stone
      for your spiritual unfoldment, well, that is really nonsense. Sure,
      you learned something while in there about yourself, but that would
      have happened as well without Eckankar. If you are really honest and
      can see the truth, your unfoldment was at your own hand and not
      because of those dumb teachings in Eckankar. The experiences we have
      in living are what unfolds us! When we feel and acknowledge Spirit
      working through us, especially during hard and puzzling times, we
      grow more Spiritually! No master or false teaching help in these
      matters. So, my advice is to quit defending your time in Eckankar by
      making the excuse that there are so many valuable truths and lessons
      to be found there--it's okay that you were duped, but now you're
      not, so you can express yourself otherwise--you can be angry and you
      can be honest! By doing so, rather than confusing, you will truly
      help others to escape and even avoid the Eck experience! Plus, it is
      very therapeutic, really! And fun! : )

      I like this site, because it affords so much freedom to express that
      which has amazed as well as annoyed us when we realized the truth
      about Eckankar! Thanks!


      > > from another post, Prometheus wrote:
      > > p.s. To those Eckies out there... It's not that we are angry
      about being lied to for years upon years... okay, maybe it is! At
      least we are allowed to be angry and to feel emotion without the
      guilt of being "Astral!" There is no shame after Eck-in-Crap... only
      freedom without the fear of retaliation! Let's face it... all of you
      have to watch what you say... can you talk about Ford, or what is
      mentioned on these sites by former Eckists... of course Not! Why?
      Because you can lose that next initiation or position or even be put
      back to a 1st like Graham!
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