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  • mishmisha9
    Mar 3, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@...> wrote:

      This is a comment about the book "Those wonderful Eck masters" I
      found on one of the eck groups ... what a different it makes,
      doesn't it!! :-)

      (PS but even chelas note that HK doesn't talk much about himself,
      does he! LOL!)


      Before sleep I looked up at the photo's of the ECK Masters on my
      bedroom wall. I then picked up my new ECK book titled "Those
      Wonderful ECK Masters" by Harold Klemp.

      When I first flicked through the pages I thought this book appears
      to be filled with only chela's encounters with the wonderful ECK
      Masters. I was more looking for Sri Harold's wisdom via his own
      heart and experiences. I soon learnt that this book is a wonderful
      mixture of both.

      It is my dream to have an experience with each ECK Master as I walk
      through the pages of this wonderful book.


      Ingrid, it is interesting how receptive and accepting the chelas are
      to the pablum that HK feeds them! LOL! As to finding "Sri Harold's
      wisdom via his own heart and experience," it's not there! It is just
      a bunch of recycling. HK copies once more a bit of his history, but
      there are no real stories of heart coming from him. Rather, he feeds
      off the stories of chelas who imagine experiences with him and
      the "other" eck masters in their dreams. In fact, I plan to write a
      post about what HK says about using one's creative imagination to
      meet these "real" eck masters--seems rather contradictory, but since
      it is HK's wisdom, the chela is more than eager to believe what HK
      writes in this very dumb, brainwashing book! LOL!

      However, it is also interesting that this chela quoted mentions that
      it is his "dream to have an experience with each ECK Master as (he
      walks) through the pages of this wonderful book." I guess he has an
      awareness that it actually would not be possible to have any real
      experiences with these fake eck masters! : )

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