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1162Repost from Radhasoami Studies: does religious delusion matter?

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  • Gnothe Seauton
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hi All,
      I saw this and liked it. This analysis points out the Truth about all of the wrong things about organized religion including the Eckankar con/cult! Question: Why can't Eckists (and those from Radhasoami and Sant Mat) see the same correlations with their religion?! Living Master vs Follower and Men over Women are only two of the hundreds of things that Radhasoami and Eckankar have in common with one another.

      tygerpurr <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
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      Subject: [X-Eckankar_The-Chains-of-Eck] Repost from Radhasoami Studies: does religious delusion matter?

      Is eckankar a destructive force in the world? Yes, I say it is; it is a "religion" based on falsehood and blatant deception, delusion,
      malace, etc....


      Tygerpurr ; )

      From: wayoutwesley

      "To answer the question - yes, religion matters.  Religion matters not so much for the good it does, but for the harm it is responsible for.  It does not matter what an individual believes if he takes no
      action based on that belief but it most decidedly matters when 19 Muslims slam into the World Trade Center killing thousands, all in the name of and for their god.

      It matters when Jerry Falwell says that thousands were killed because man has sinned and god is just warning us.

      It matters when charismatic orators preach that AIDS was sent by god to punish mankind.

      It matters when slavery is supported, abortion providers are killed, and witches are burned, all in the name of god.

      It matters when god tells women that they should not use contraceptives for family planning.

      It matters when parents withhold lifesaving medical care from their children on instructions from god.

      It matters when people, including innocent children, are threatened with a god who will send them to hell if they question the scriptures or think independently.

      It matters when people are overwhelmed with quilt for something they are not responsible for.

      It matters when gullible people are convinced to do evil by spellbinding orators.

      It matters when people are persuaded to give up their worldly goods, even their lives, to follow the spellbinder to the "holy land".  Then when the "holy leader" commits adultery with his followers, it matters.

      It matters when the clergy uses their position to abuse children and others.

      It matters when Jews fight Muslims; when Catholics fight Protestants; when Shiites fight Sunnis; when Hindus fight Muslims.

      It matters when ethnic and political differences are exacerbated by religions - as between the tribes in Africa or between the Catholics and the Serbs of Yugoslavia or between the Catholics and the
      Protestants in Ireland or between the Muslims and the Jews in the Mideast or between the Hindus and the Muslims in South Asia.

      It matters when people murder because god demands it.

      It matters when god sanctions the subjugation and mistreatment of others based on their race, color, gender, or sexual orientation.

      It matters when god sanctions wars and related brutalities.

      It may not matter whether religion is true or not but it certainly matters when people believe it and act on that belief.  It may not make much difference if an individual believes in astrology, UFOs, aliens, spirits, witches or sorcerers, but when people band together and support harmful causes such as noted above, it matters greatly. It doesn't matter if religion functions as an opiate but it decidedly
      matters when it is used as a stimulant and a sword.

      If Osama bin Laden were acting alone, he would be a danger to a few, but as the leader of a group of dedicated and fanatical followers, he is a danger to many.  Organized religion has always been more dangerous than one deluded individual.

      It may not be possible or even wise for people to give up their fantasies, illusions, hopes, and dreams, but society should not allow them to harm others based on their beliefs."

      John A. Henderson, M.D. author of God.com  from his  book 'Fear, Faith, Fact, Fantasy.

      "In matters of religions, it is very easy to deceive a man, and very hard to undeceive him. "  Pierre Bayle


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