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1161To Dolly - Coping with Post Eckankar

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  • pretujari
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Hi Dolly,
      I and others who have been in your position do empathize with you. I
      had a similar experience to yours with regards to still attending
      Eckankar functions after reading Ford Johnson's book and making up my
      mind about the org. For three months, I was involved in an assignment
      for the org, which I simply couldn't abandon. It was the most
      difficult time of my spiritual life, but I survived.

      I strongly endorsed Mish's suggestions to you that you read the
      archived material of Ford Johnson's TS/HCS websites. You'll find it a
      very helpful exercise.

      Remember the restlessness and the inner nudge that pushed you to the
      computer to discover the truths about Eckankar? That was the action
      of the God-voice, the highest and truest connection between every
      human being and the Creator. That is the Divine Presence Mish is
      talking about. Some of us have been aware of It since childhood. For
      me, it was my quest to know more about this Presence that was already
      working in my life, that led me through several paths ending with
      Eckankar. There they put a face and a name to It. But as you now
      know, it was a fraudulent mask which Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp
      dared to put on the face of God.

      Cultivate your relationship with this Presence. Speak to It like you
      have started doing. You'll soon discover a source of security and
      protection that makes any that you'll receive from a human being or
      org pale to insignificance.

      There is a parallel to your health problem on pg 255-6 of Ford
      Johnson's book , Confessions. Here the person recounts a severe jaw
      ache he suffered as part of the process of leaving/decoupling from
      Eckankar. This was his conclusion, `to resign ones's membership is
      not sufficient, one has to actually un-cord oneself from the

      Eventually, you'll heal from the branding Eckankar burned into your
      psyche. After that you'll experience a sense of joyous freedom and
      rapid spiritual unfoldment. I can say what you're going through is
      normal for most ex-Eckists.

      Hang in there,