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1158Re: Eckanker: 12/2005 H.I. Letter #3 ... Another Look via the Shariyat

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  • Elizabeth
    Feb 23, 2006
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:
      > Eve had expected to find sacred text greet her eyes, but it
      > intrigued her to find not a single visible word in the whole
      volume. Not one word. But there was something: a beautiful, strong
      light surged from its pages, taking her breath away. And that was all
      Eve could remember of this remarkable experience."
      > So, the third volume of the holy Shariyat contains no words at all;
      > there's just light emitting from its pages. How convenient for
      > Harold! LOL!

      Actually Mish, I saw this in a movie but can't recall the name of it
      right now. Came out about 10 or more years ago. My children and I
      watched it together. I'm pretty sure it was a Children's type movie
      on *lessons*. I'll have to ask them if they recall the name when they
      get home from school. And it wasn't the fairy tale of the king with
      no clothes.... Gosh I hate those brain farts!

      > After all, Harold
      > supports this chela's dream when he does not deny its validity. It
      > seems that anyone can fill in the blank pages by using their own
      > vivid imaginations! Therefore, if you can write your own Shariyat,
      > why not be your own mahanta! : )

      LOL, I was saying this during the last several years of my
      membership. At the last HI retreats I attended, I questioned other
      HI's during a round table "why can't we write our own discourses when
      the eckankrap ones dry up..." and shared that I HAD started doing
      just that!

      Yes, eventually we do come to realise we are our own Mahanta /
      Master/ etc. Sadly Harold will never encourage this in his fake
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