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1148Eckankar: 12/2005 The Mystic World-Ask the Master #3b.(cont.)

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 19, 2006
      [Q]: "How does a leader support the conservation (outer guidelines,
      need for certain approvals, copyrights, etc.) necessary to the
      survival of Eckankar without dampening the natural enthusiasm of
      chelas? Another way to say this is, how can we communicate to chelas
      that the RESA structure is based on love and not power?"

      [HK] "Times change. It was safe in the 1930s for people to leave
      their homes unlocked, day or night. There was little crime of the
      sort that happens in society today. This is a world of illusion, no

      [Me] Actually, most people in Canada, today, don't lock their doors
      when they leave the house unattended or at night when they are
      asleep! They will Not even lock their doors AFTER having burglars
      (theives) enter their homes and steal their possessions at night
      while they are sleeping!

      [HK] "Yet the greatest illusion of some people is that it's not
      necessary to tie up their camels IF they trust in God."

      [Me] "Yet the greatest illusion of some people" is that Eckankar is
      believable. To bring this old saying up-to-date is to say, Lock up
      your car AND trust in God!

      [HK] "People who insist upon working outside the legal structure of
      society or ECKANKAR may be dreamers who are simply out of touch with
      the times. Or, they could be active agents for the Kal, the negative

      [Me] What is Klemp talking about! I know that this is a threat of
      sorts but to whom? Perhaps, this involves those Eckists (heretics)
      who do Not follow the guidelines. I spoke to one very high ranking
      Eckist, of the high inner circle let's say, that told me that they
      don't follow guidelines! I was shocked! And sure enough, I watched
      and saw that this person did things that were in direct opposition
      to the Eck guidelines. Yet, no one even questioned any of it! Most
      Eckists just don't care to know all of the outer organizational crap
      anyway. I now realize that they were just expressing their own
      Spiritual Freedom and Mastership. Anyone who stands in the way of
      Soul's Spiritual Freedom and Mastership is an agent for the Kal/LEM!

      [HK] "Others will know by their own inner experiences, or by your
      outer examples too, that the ECK hierarchy has its basis in the love
      and power of God, not man."

      [Me] No, the hierarchy is based on Power and Kal (God) fear tactics
      or threats which Klemp does Not hesitate to use! [In Eckankar the
      SUGMAD and "God" are Not the same.]

      [HK] "To keep up the chelas enthusiasm in the face of the necessary
      guidelines, try to make the whole process as simple and painless as
      you can. Also send ideas for simplification to the ECKANKAR
      Spiritual Center (ESC) to see where there is a better way to handle
      the legal necessities. All will benefit from good ideas."

      [Me] So Eckists are to "send ideas for simplification" for "a better
      way to handle the legal necessities" in following guidelines to the
      ESC! Well, let me give this a shot even though I'm Not an Eckist!
      First, censor Doug Marman and then shut down HU-Chat and Chela Chat
      and the other "unofficial" Eckankar Internet sites. This would be
      great damage control and a spiritual technique, of sorts, to restore
      greater ignorance and harmony to the Eckankar teachings. <smile>

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