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1146Re: Eckankar: 12/2005 The Mystic World-Ask the Master #3a.

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  • ctecvie
    Feb 19, 2006
      Hello Prometheus and all,

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > [Q]: "How does a leader support the conservation (outer
      > need for certain approvals, copyrights, etc.) necessary to the
      > survival of Eckankar without dampening the natural enthusiasm of
      > chelas? Another way to say this is, how can we communicate to
      > that the RESA structure is based on love and not power?"

      *** There's nothing to communicate nor to understand, Harry - other
      than the resa structure *is* based on power! So, just save your
      energy because it's not complicated at all to understand that.
      > [Me] Actually, the RESA structure is based on power! It is a
      > hierarchy and has a pecking order. There are guidelines that keep
      > certain "types" of Eckists in line, in part, to protect the
      > copyrights and non-profit status of the Corporation. This is also
      > why Eckists can pay or "donate" any amount they want in regards to
      > membership or in attending seminars. A non-profit organization can
      > lose their non-profit status by charging "fees" for religious
      > memberships and religious seminars and Must Accept Any Amount Of
      > Money As A Donation.

      *** Eckists like to donate because they think that that way, they
      can buy happiness ever after! It's no different than the Middle Age
      payments that were made to make people's sins forgiven. One of my
      very good eckist friends donated regularly every month even if he
      didn't know how to pay his monthly dues - but he said that as long
      as he had money, he wanted to give to the temple because that would
      keep the money flowing. Well, it did so for sure!
      > [HK] "We're doing our level best to keep the ECK teachings in the
      > purest state possible, despite all of the Kal's attempt's to erode
      > them. I could go on for pages about all the variations that
      > try to creep in now due to differences in cultures, words with
      > different shades of meaning in other languages, and honest
      > misinterpretations of the Everlasting Gospel of ECK. Those are
      > unintentional. Nothing much can be done about that."

      *** No it can't Harry, because you are one of those who "pollute"
      the teachings! Well, they were not pure from the beginning - so I
      wonder if they *can* be polluted at all! LOL!
      > [Me] "Everlasting Gospel?" Klemp just can't let go of his Luthern
      > roots can he! Who are the "We're" or we are? Does the LEM/Mahanta
      > need help? It seems the LEM/Mahanta is powerless when he states
      > that "Nothing much can be done about that." Afterall, doesn't the
      > Kal rule the lower planes? As the Kal's agent Klemp is well aware
      > this!
      > [HK] "BUT there are also deliberate attempts to twist the sacred
      > writings by misusing or citing ECK information for the purpose of
      > destroying people's trust in the teachings of ECK. We can do
      > something about that."

      *** Yes you can deny those fake initiations! Or tell people subtly
      that any contact to "detractors" is Not desired!
      > [Me] Pointing out Klemp's hypocrisy when he still uses "BUT"
      >or "IF"
      > just shows that he isn't what he claims! There is no "twist"
      > to point out the deceptions and contradictions. The accusation
      > of "misusing" Eck information is bogus since the intent is to give
      > another perspective, that tends to conflict with the cult's dogma,
      > but also leads to knowledge and understanding and truth. However,
      > didn't the Eckist's question have to do with protecting copyrights
      > by having Eckists follow guidelines and how to get that message
      > across by using love instead of power! It seems that the
      > of the Klempster's authority is making him Very Angry!

      *** Well, as somebody just told me recently, isn't that a cult
      attribute? Not to question anything, especially not the leaders?

      > HK is getting
      > away from the original question and going off on a tangent. I
      > Klemp isn't use to having his statements questioned and having his
      > faults pointed out to him. Yep! The truth does hurt doesn't it! I
      > understand. BUT, someone has to point out the truth on behalf of
      > fearful silent Eckists.

      *** Well, you better not question HK, the mahanta! Or you won't get
      those fake initiations any more (am I repeating myself?? LOL!) and
      won't be able to socialize with eckists as you were used to! But
      wait - of course eckists don't gather for a social purpose! They
      gather solely for spiritual purposes! LOL!
      > [HK] "In a law-laden society, such as burdens us today, we use all
      > the legal safe guards available to us."
      > [Me] Well, it sounds like the WITCH hunt is on! HK wants to
      > the Eck HERETICS just like the early Christian Church did! Yet,
      > weren't the Heretics the true believers and followers of Spiritual
      > Truth! The Heretics disagreed with the dogma and guidelines and
      > rules that took their church more and more into the material world
      > and away from the Spiritual. Klemp has always been more than
      > to use secular "law" to control and eliminate those Eckists who
      > extremely disagree with the direction Eckankar is heading under
      > leadership when demoting or withholding initiations doesn't work.
      > This is the exact same path (of "law") that the Catholic Church
      > (and others) once took! Will Eckists permit this to happen? Of
      > course they will... they are afraid to speak their minds and say
      > that this is Not the direction that Love takes... it is the
      > direction of Power and of the Kal!

      *** Yes of course it will happen, and of course eckists will let it
      happen - followers always let it happen in the past! It's still too
      early to compare eckankar with the early Christian Church because
      eckankar is only 40 years old! But the older it will get, the more
      it will look like any ordinary religion, and the more it will shut
      up "heretic" members - whatever means it will take!

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