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1132Re: Klemp uses suggestion and hypnotism

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  • mishmisha9
    Feb 13, 2006
      Hello Pretujari and All!

      Pretujari makes some excellent and interesting points about Klemp's
      use of suggestion and hypnotism to manipulate and control chelas'
      thoughts. I believe, as well, that many of the stories are made up
      or at least embellished. Also, I have known eckists who orchestrate
      events in order to create a "spiritual" story so they can send it in
      to HK with the hopes of it being used by the master! Sort of like
      some of America's Funniest Home Videos that are contrived! LOL!

      Recently on an eck chat site, there has been discussion on how to
      accomplish successful vahana work. An eck leader in one state said
      that they want one eckist for every five newcomers at an intro. Each
      eckist is supposed to be able to share 3 personal stories. The eck
      leader says that if an eckist doesn't have 3 personal stories, they
      can cheat by using the ones that HK has used from other eckists. So
      when considering that some of those stories are made-up, and then
      they are being "borrowed" by other eckists in order to create a
      fantastical intro for seekers, the entire vahana effort becomes
      nothing but lies and distortions. The lies just grow bigger and
      bigger, but eckists are told it is okay to "cheat" if it can pull in
      new members. It all comes down to suckering in more people to the
      cult--it has little if anything to do with being honest and
      spiritual! I found the encouragement to "cheat" disgusting.

      I am working on a new post with more of HK's comments on using the
      creative imagination--from "Those Wonderful ECK Masters." The book
      indeed is an excellent tool that demonstrates Klemp's use of
      suggestion and hypnotism to those who are willing to believe his


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "pretujari"
      <pretujari@...> wrote:

      Hi Prometheus, Mish, and All,

      I am sure Klemp made up the story about the Nigerian Eckist,
      Christy. I have long suspected he has been making some of these
      stories up by the way something about them do not gel, like the
      holes Prometheus you punched in the Christy story. Some of these
      stories are sent to him from the field, of course. But even many of
      those are made up by their tellers who wish to gain recognition for
      the trumped up initiations.

      Some years ago, at an Eckankar workshop, someone very close to
      Klemp, working with him at the international office, related a story
      that made me suspect Klemp uses suggestion and hypnotism on the
      members. The entry about himself in his latest book with the
      recycled contents has confirmed this for me.

      What are the methods of the hypnotist? Essentially, the practioner
      immobilizes one's conscious will or sets it aside in order to get to
      the subconscious. Then he issues commands to the subconscious which
      accepts and acts it out without the sanction of the conscious will.
      I detected a similar method, very subtly done, in Klemp's write-up
      about himself as reproduced by Mish in Klemp's new book.

      First, he told his readers in a one sentence paragraph at the
      beginning of a chapter. `I am well aware of my limitations.'

      The function of this sentence and the manner it is delivered is
      meant to engage the conscious, reasoning mind, to get it out of the
      way by giving it something to engage its attention. While it is thus
      engaged, the subconscious is unguarded and exposed. Then is the time
      to issue the suggestions to it.

      So immediately following the single sentence paragraph, he proceeds
      to suggest to the subconscious of the reader the subliminal messages
      about the mahanta such as:

      "The Mahanta [Master Klemp] is the highest state of consciousness
      known to the chronicles of manÂ…"

      "You have only to seek the Mahanta, [Master Klemp] today's Living
      Eck Master. He is God's elect."

      "Think of the Mahanta [Master Klemp] as the Personalized ECK.

      "The Mahanta, the Living Eck Master [Master Klemp] also has the
      ability and the authority to alter an individual's fate."

      Klemp also capitalizes on the power of the individual's imagination
      to form and manifest what it forms. This is what makes the spiritual
      exercises work. He reveals this in this statement accompanying the
      spiritual exercises of seeing any of the masters:

      "At first you may feel you have met Rebarzar or one of the ECK
      Masters only in your imagination. But with time and practice, you
      will find they are real people just like you."

      This is a very powerful suggestion, aimed at the power of the
      individual's imagination manifesting a belief through repetition.

      So, once the suggestions have been accepted by the subconscious, the
      imagination proceed to form and manifest them as the person's inner
      and outer experiences. This is how the individual is hooked. One
      will remain so until they finally listen to doubts brought to the
      attention by the Inner Voice and listen to It.

      The evidence to all of this is shown in how the inner and outer
      Eckankar experiences immediately ceases with anyone when he or she
      severs connection and renounces Eckankar.

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