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1126Re: Eckanker: 12/2005 H.I. Letter #3- Another Look via the Shariyat

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 10, 2006
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      Hi Mish,
      I re-read HK's account of this Spiritual Exercise of Eve's where she
      was in "full consciousness at a Golden Wisdom Temple" with him. I
      wonder why Klemp had to point out that it was "Rami Nuri" that
      greeted them since she was in "full consciousness?" Does
      Klemp's "full consciousness" comment mean that Eve is also an Eck

      Aren't there supposed to be 12 Shariyats! If this was the "third
      section" then this experience took place on the Causal Plane...
      right?! But wait! The Eckankar Lexicon on page 172 has Rami Nuri
      (the letter M appears on his forehead) guarding the Shariyat One on
      the physical plane and on Venus!

      So, why couldn't Eve read this Shariyat? I guess Eckists are
      expected to fill in the blanks with their imaginations and Not look
      at details. Klemp should have started the story with, Once upon a
      time! Rami Nuri does Not guard the "third section" of the Shariyat
      according to the Eckankar LexiCon. Details, details! Then again,
      Klemp can change anything and anyone around as he sees fit... right!
      He's got the power! And Eckists need to trust him because they would
      have nothing otherwise. Except, they are still Soul and have their
      own power as their own Mahanta or Whatever. Rami Nuri was actually
      Eve's Higher Self! Eckists don't need the mahanta middle man to come
      between them and GOD/SUGMAD. Really! This is why there are so many
      contradictions. Eckankar is made-up, distorted, and borrowed to give
      the top few incomes and to give its followers hope (and
      distractions) as do other religions. Except, with Eckankar, paid
      membership is mandatory! LOL!


      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, All!

      I don't believe that Klemp will do an update or corrections of
      Twitchell's Shariyats. Klemp, IMO, does not intend to complete
      Volume III of the Shariyat either. It probably is just too difficult
      for him to do so. I mean he can't copy it from other religious
      sources for fear of being found out. I don't think he is getting
      that Inner Guidance to write it either, or he would--that's my

      From "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," Klemp tells this story of a
      chela's dream concerning (pages 168-169) "the third section of the
      holy Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad:"

      "As she did her spiritual exercises one day, Eve found herself with
      the Mahanta and in full consciousness at a Golden Wisdom Temple.
      She'd risen to the soft white cloud with the Mahanta as in the past.
      However, this time there was a surprise of sorts for they'd arrived
      at a kind of mosque with a golden roof. An ECK Master with a beard
      greeted them at the door. (It was Rami Nuri) . . . . The party of
      three--the Mahanta, Eve, and Rami Nuri--made their way down a long
      hall, with Rami Nuri in the lead. They continued along a main
      corridor until an aisle branched off to the left. And there it was,
      the third section of the holy Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. The holy wisdom of
      God! Eve had expected to find sacred text greet her eyes, but it
      intrigued her to find not a single visible word in the whole volume.
      Not one word. But there was something: a beautiful, strong light
      surged from its pages, taking her breath away. And that was all Eve
      could remember of this remarkable experience."

      So, the third volume of the holy Shariyat contains no words at all;
      there's just light emitting from its pages. How convenient for
      Harold! LOL!

      Well, for those eckists who want to believe in these teachings, this
      little story, so much like the fairy tale of the king with no
      clothes, will answer the question of why there is no written
      Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, volume III. It, then, becomes very easy for
      these steadfast believers to imagine volume III's existence as
      nothing more than light shining from blank pages. After all, Harold
      supports this chela's dream when he does not deny its validity. It
      seems that anyone can fill in the blank pages by using their own
      vivid imaginations! Therefore, if you can write your own Shariyat,
      why not be your own mahanta! : )

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