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1120Eckanker: 12/2005 H.I. Letter #3 ... Another Look via the Shariyat

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  • prometheus_973
    Feb 7, 2006
      [HK] "Next, I need to translate those images into today's language.
      That's why much of my writing is simple. It leaves less room for
      misinterpreting and makes translating into other languages easier."

      [HK] "I take care to translate the images from the ECK to human
      language as accurately as possible. They flow through directly in a

      [HK] "Many are sharing their ideas from the mental arena, and it
      uplifts people. I look at the ideas and thoughts of philosophers."

      The following is from The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Books 1&2 page 200.

      [PT] "Man insists upon talk and exposition but the ECK cannot be put
      into words... The problem here, however, is that a spoken language
      is the expression of the Kal... Philosophy and wordly religion
      describe the Sugmad in negative language... Actually, there is no
      vocabulary that can express the truth of the existence of Reality...
      This is the problem of language: it exists only on the mental realm
      to express itself vocally to the external world."

      Therefore, anything spoken or written is of the Kal! This includes
      all that Klemp says or writes! Why then would Eckists defend "words"
      that are all Kalistic, unless, they too are agents of the Kal?

      This reminded me of something Klemp says in his Autobiography on
      page 331. "As I had been pounding out the account on my typewriter,
      a great spiritual energy was released that ran head-on against the
      normal, everyday vibrations of Las Vegas. This caused a terrible
      collision between the ECK and Kal forces. The positive and negative
      energies... This is my handiwork, I thought, not a little in awe."

      Amazing, since Klemp was just a Second Initiate (and LEM in training)
      at the time! However, since Twitch has stated that all that is
      spoken or written is of the Kal then I can see how more of Klemp's
      negativity from writing his book added to the storm! Does he also
      take credit for Hurricane Katrina from doing more writing?

      Here's a tidbit that could cover the Q & A portion of the Letter of
      Light and The Mystic World and certainly addresses the Vahana
      mission in general.

      [PT] "Anyone asking about ECK does not know ECK. Although one may
      hear about ECK he does not really know about ECK. There is no such
      thing as asking about ECK. There is no such thing as answering such

      Get the point? There's more!

      [PT] "To ask a question that cannot be answered is vain, and to
      answer a question that cannot be answered is unreal."

      I wonder if Klemp has read this before?

      [PT] "And anyone who meets the vain with the unreal is one who has
      no physical perception of the universe; no mental or spiritual
      perception of the origin of existence." [page 259]

      Here's more:
      [PT] "The extrovertive mystic is generally one who finds all things
      identical--such as grass being the same as stone--although each is
      different. Mostly these extroverts are the poets, metaphysicians,
      and religious writers." [page 203]

      Isn't Klemp a religious writer? Yes he is! Eckankar is the Religion
      of the L & S of God and Klemp writes about his religion! Therefore,
      Klemp could very easily fall into this category of EXTROVERTIVE
      MYSTIC since he is a "religious writer."


      [PT] "What they are saying is a complete PARADOX, in fact
      contradictory. But PARADOX is one of the common characteristics of
      mysticism. PARADOXES arise because the chela is dealing with the
      elements of psychic power, better known as the Kal force. THE KAL
      DEALS IN MYSTERY and PARADOX, for everything in its universe
      consists of dichotomies." [page 203, my caps]

      Now, let's go to page 475 where Twitch is talking about the Tenth
      Circle of Initiation.

      [PT] "Life is given only by the Sugmad, and it is found that when
      one goes into this plane he must have true direction. It is the way
      to the Godhead, yet it is not the way, and it is this PARADOX that
      brings about true wisdom for those concerned in the Tenth Circle, or
      the Anami Lok plane." [my caps]

      Twitch can't have it both ways and neither can Klemp! Perhaps HK
      just needs to do an update of Twitch's Shariyats and make some
      corrections. Or, maybe Klemp needs to write his own Holy Books, or
      maybe HK should just quit writing anything since it is all of the
      Kal! But, then again, books do make money and feeds the ego. (IMO) I
      don't see this being discontinued... do you? <smile>

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