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1116Re: Eckankar: 12/2005 H.I. Letter #3 ... Do As I Say Not As I Do

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  • ctecvie
    Feb 5, 2006


      >[HK] "Next, I need to translate those images into today's language.
      > That's why much of my writing is simple. It leaves less room for
      > misinterpreting and makes translating into other languages easier."

      *** This is really fun! It's incredible how much they fuss with the
      translations into other languages! The talks are not translated at
      all except at the event itself, even if native speakers of a certain
      language offer to make a translation available to those who don't
      speak English. And eckists are forbidden to make private
      translations! I could understand it if they wanted to make official
      translations of tapes or videos into other languages and sell them
      to the audience. But no! There are simply *no* translations of
      talks! So, it's ridiculous that HK speaks of "making translations
      easier". Of course the books are translated as are the Mystic Worlds
      (but there, you have to make a separate order and a separate payment
      to have them - and they often come 4 months later than the original
      mystic world!).


      > [HK] "I take care to translate the images from the ECK to human
      > language as accurately as possible. They flow through directly in
      > burst."

      *** Don't we all have our own images? Isn't everyone capable to
      translate them into human language? Why use HK's translations if we
      have our own? But well, of course eckists need their mahanta, their
      saviour to do it! LOL!


      > [HK] "Many are sharing their ideas from the mental arena, and it
      > uplifts people. I look at the ideas and thoughts of philosophers."

      ***Wow! Hear, hear! I've always thought that "mental" is a gross
      word in eckankar! LOL!


      > [HK] "One thing that strikes me about Immanuel Kant was something
      > said that acts out an appreciation for life, which shows gratitude
      > in expression. He said, no ifs, ands, or buts. By that he meant.
      > make your statements clean and clear."

      *** So, Big Harry, start doing that! LOL!

      > [HK] "Suppose one, for example, says to a student, 'Study hard if
      > you want to make your degree.' Kant says, forget the stuff at the
      > end. Say just, 'Study hard.'
      > revised:
      > [Me] I think that the "if" is just giving emphasis and focus to
      > point being made... Study hard "if" you want that degree. The "if"
      > helps to bring ones attention back to the overall goal. Otherwise
      > the "study hard" just doesn't have the same impact. Where's Kant
      > when you need him? Actually, some people don't even have to "Study
      > hard." Both comments are simply Kant's opinions. Kant's comments
      > don't have any more validity than yours or mine! SOUL=SOUL...

      *** Of course the "if" makes the goal much more transparent and
      easier to grasp. But not for little Harry it seems! He seems to have
      got it wrong! LOL!

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