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1110Who Do We Blame, the Victim or the Perpetrator?

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  • mishmisha9
    Jan 31, 2006
      Hello, All!

      I want to make a few additional comments to Fred's earlier post
      (Jan. 31/06).

      Fred stated: "If I may ask, which of them comes first? Our being led
      to Eckankar by spirit and brain washing by Eckists. If people
      subject their will to manipulation will you blame Eckankar for that?
      It is the individual's business. We have to open our eyes to look
      beyond the veil and gratitude helps in that direction."

      So, basically, Fred is saying that Eckankar, the perpetrator of
      lies, deceptions and brainwashing, is not to be blamed. It is the
      fault of the victims for allowing themselves to be conned! This is a
      very nice supportive statement of eckankar and Klemp! I suppose Fred
      also would blame the child for the injuries an abusive parent
      inflicted on the child--right, Fred? After all, the child could have
      behaved differently and not have aroused the anger of his parent--
      the child had choices too!

      The comment about gratitude seals this all up rather neat and tidy,
      as well--we are to be grateful for being duped because that is what
      we were supposed to have experienced, as Fred sees it! Well, maybe
      and maybe not! While I recognize the gifts and guidance of Divine
      Spirit, I also am aware that sometimes I do not go in the direction
      that I am to go. How many people ignored the "red flags" and other
      warnings about eckankar, and either joined or stayed well beyond
      what was sensible? How do we thank Divine Spirit for our own

      Fred, I am sorry to say this but your point of view just does not
      touch me. It is what you believe, I guess, but please stop trying to
      convince us that we should think as you do! No thank you for your
      suggestions! You're just making excuses for the scam and trying to
      put blame and responsibility on everyone but eckankar! It is
      insulting of you to presume that we do not know how to show
      gratitude to Spirit . . . but you do! Rather pompous of you, don't
      you think? I would suggest that you take a deep and long hard look
      at the vanity in what you are posting here.

      You say that you come to this message board to learn, but all I see
      from you is that you want to teach us your vahana eckankar spin--
      that eckankar is beneficial and necessary for spiritual growth. The
      posts on this site are speaking quite to the contrary. I would
      suggest that you should read the archived messages on this site--
      because if you seriously want to learn here, these messages should
      be enlightening for you. We definitely are not on the same page!

      I would very much like to know about your personal experiences in
      eckankar, why you decided to leave the org, how long you were a
      member and your level of initiation at the time you dropped out--as
      I asked in my earlier post.


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