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1Eck Spiritual Skills Seminar, etc.

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 6, 2005
      Hello All,

      I see that there is an extention to sign-up for this March 24-27
      seminar and that there will even be workshops at the new Eck
      Spiritual Center... whoopee! The extention must mean that not as
      many people are signing up as they had hoped. Even late March in
      Minnesota can produce nasty weather. So why not choose Florida
      instead! Too bad Harold isn't more sensitive to his followers.

      I think back to all of the money I spent on travel, hotels, and food
      at these seminars and it amazes me how much money people spend going
      to these redundant events. However, it was nice to see old friends
      and do some sight-seeing (of sorts).

      Let me guess an amount that chelas will spend. Airline tickets for a
      couple would be $250-$350 each. Hotel cost would be $276-$368 (3
      days vs 4 days). And food would be $90-$120 per day maybe. Some
      people may even rent a car or drive their own car. With gas prices
      going up and maybe staying at a motel on the drive there and back
      plus food it could cost almost as much as flying. Oh, let's not
      forget seminar registration too!

      Okay, a couple will spend around $1000-$1500 (without rental car)
      and now multiply that by 1000 (couples). And we get $1 million to
      $1.5 million dollars spent by chelas just to attend these workshops,
      talks, etc. that can be taught or communicated online, in the local
      areas, or through conference calls! Why? Probably because Klemp is
      egotistical, inconsiderate and out-of-touch with the needs and
      resourses of the membership.

      On top of all of this... the Eckist is expected to buy their own
      propaganda materials to distribute and to buy the current books with
      simplistic (and often embellished) one-dimensional testimonials ehat
      Harold Klemp gets from the monthly initiate reports! I threw away
      hundreds of dollars worth of books, discourses, pocket posters,
      brochures, HU cards, etc. when I left one year ago. My wife and we
      probably spent at least $30,000 in just attending seminars and
      $3,000 on study materials and vahana stuff. This of course doesn't
      cover the yearly donation which probably over the years totaled to
      around $15,000 at least!

      Anyway, if anyone wants to vent some anger or frustration for the
      years of deception and share some information or insights please
      feel free to do so. I'm amazed at the new clarity of mind and
      freedom I now feel from having left Eckankar. I still have some Eck
      books and even have an Eckist friend fax me her Mystic World and
      sometimes her H.I. Letter when I ask. When I re-read these books and
      look at Paul Twitchell's or Harold's words with more clarity and
      scrutiny I can now see the truth behind their deceptions.

      Ford Johnson's Truthseeker and Higherconsciousnesssociety sites are
      good information sites for the former Eckist as is the New Neural
      Surfer site of David Lane's.

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