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Re: [ECHOLINKHAMS] Re: Shuttle Recovery Servers

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    In a message dated 2/4/03 12:44:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, worldwidemd@yahoo.com writes:
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 4, 2003
      In a message dated 2/4/03 12:44:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      worldwidemd@... writes:

      << No Text messaging on any of the linked servers. What I dont get is
      they must like to be rude to people and waisting time asking people
      to move when they could just restict access to the server. The guy
      last night said they were worried about bandwidth? Whatever that
      means there were only 20 people on the server,get real! Sounds like
      somebody is taking there new found authority to the next level! Just
      restrict access to the WX-talk server then they dont have to worry
      about us and we dont have to listen to rude comments and bad
      attitudes. Half the people thet were in there yesterday didnt
      understand what was going on? Instead of taking a few minutes to
      explain thay just tell you to move and dont reply to your questions
      thats good radio! I guess thats what can be expected after a long day
      but it is also no excuse get it together fellas. >>

      Using Echolink for a situation like this is new...very new so there are a few
      quarks that have to be worked out.
      But something that isnt understood is that the WX_TALK server is being used
      as part of the communications along with RF.Restricting access to that server
      would be like telling someone that they cant listen to a certain
      frequency...thats why the other servers are linked to WX_TALK...one so that
      people can monitor and two for the people that are not proficient with how to
      operate Echolink,it keeps the key ups and dead air from hanging up WX_TALK
      and preventing communications back to their EOC. Having someone tie up the
      WX_TALK server is like having someone jam a frequency that the emergency net
      is being conducted on.
      To say that they are rude I feel is going a bit to far,way to far. Unless
      you've ever had to operate in a situation like those folks in Texas are
      having to do now....everything is tighly controled..your taking orders from
      federal officals..your there to assist in the recovery operation...that is
      fairly stressful and to have key ups on a server....accidental or not..it
      only adds to the frustration when you have to ask someone what they said.
      You would get the same response if they were operating on HF and you just
      happen to be operating to close to the net frequency....its only common
      curiosity to give operations like this plenty of room.Yes its nice to listen
      in..and those of us with RF links and repeaters to let this activity go over
      our stations to help let people know what ham radio is about...its serving
      your communities and your nation.Thats number one priority for my ham station
      and the radio stations that I work for.The hobby aspect of ham radio comes
      I speak from experience when hurricane Floyd pounded eastern NC and easten
      Va...areas were flooded that had never seen floods.Peoples homes washed
      away,under water,people lost there lives and property.Lines of communication
      broken.Ham radio saved the day again.It took months for things to resemble
      something sort of normal.Areas in eastern NC still havent fully recovered
      from this to this day.
      Yes it was stressful and some nights of little sleep,but with the help of
      other hams standing out of the way and letting those helping do what had to
      be done..it made everything work out smoother...espeically when there is no
      time to explain things to people..why you need to move off frequency,dont
      interrupt without addressing net control,only speak on the net when your
      asked...when your help is needed etc. When federal officals are involved..in
      our case it was FEMA and the National Guard...all you have time for is to do
      the task at hand....the time for explaining and small talk is not then.Seems
      rude yes...but thats just the way it works.
      Next time you hear a group helping in a disaster situation...cut them some
      slack.Yes they are not God or commandos of certain frequencies or
      servers..but they are doing an important job....let them do it without adding
      stuff to complicate matters.
      Put yourself in their shoes...take part if you can during the next
      disaster..it will give you first hand experience of what goes on on the other
      side of the "fence".Its not as easy as it sounds.

      In all reality..it might be possible that WX_TALK could have been setup for
      total restricted access for this operation. Be thankful that access isnt
      totally restricted and that the other conferences were added and muted as to
      not interfere with WX_TALK for monitoring purposes.
      The next disaster we might not be so lucky to have that privilege to listen


      Bob Carter
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