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Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net , 4/1/2012, 12:00 am

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    Reminder from: Echolink_Nets Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Echolink_Nets/cal Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net Sunday April 1, 2012 All Day (This
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      Reminder from: Echolink_Nets Yahoo! Group
      Title: Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net
      Date: Sunday April 1, 2012
      Time: All Day
      Repeats: This event repeats every Saturday and Sunday.
      Location: KC9SGV, node# 516288
      Notes: If you are a boater anywhere, please join us often on our brand new Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net.
      We are a boater-friendly net specifically catering the Great Lakes and connecting rivers region.

      Great Lakes Marine/Maritime Mobile Net.Frequencies: 08:30 ET and 19:30 ET (13:30 UTC and 00:30 UTC) 3.932/3.927 Mhz +/- QRM first, and then 7.261/7.268 Mhz LSB +/- QRM 15 minutes past the hour.
      On weekends, we also have extra sessions of the net on 7.261/7.268 LSB +/- QRM at 1100 ET (1600 UTC).
      We monitor WA9ORC 2M Chicagoland repeater on 146.760 (PL 107.2) during the net. One of the antennas is on top of the AON Building.
      We also have Skype for worldwide HF phone patches and Echolink (KC9SGV, node# 516288) for full coverage 2M communication. In addition we are fully conversant and proficient with WINMOR HF email, and can enter position reports into the Winlink 2000 system.

      For more information, see our website at Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net
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