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  • kb1ixn
    I hope you enjoy these. When you re the victim of international interference. ... The question of why one ham intentionally interferes with another would make
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2002
      I hope you enjoy these.
                                      When you're the victim of international interference.                                                   
                 The question of why one ham intentionally interferes with another would make a fascinating study topic for psychologists. The answer usaully involves anger of some sort--either anger at you personally, or anger at the world in general. Amateur Radio is the ideal medium for those who want to act on their frustrations with little fear of suffering the consequences. A ham who wouldn't dare insult you to your face has no problem anonymously garbling your transmissions!
                 This type of ham gains pleasure from his actions only when you acknowledge them. He craves attention and your angry responce gives him exactly what he needs. The trick is to do everything possible to ignore him. Try to continue your coversation as best as you can,  Working around his interuptions without comment. If the interference is so bad that you can not continue, move to another frequency.
                I know it's difficult to hold your tongue in the face of such rude behavior. By ignoring his antics, however, you'll rob him of the pleasure he seeks. Eventually, he'll become bored and move on. That's the worst punishment you can inflict!
                                                                     73 de kb1ixn
      Daniel Couture
      Meriden, Ct USA
      ECHOLINK NODE # 22921
      Member: ARES / ARRL / SKYWARN
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