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Happy Thanksgiving Echolink-Radio

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  • Mister Bad Wrench
    Greetings Fellow Amateur Radio Operators, Yesterday i took down my echolink node radio for possible interference from the national call frequency of 146.520
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2005
      Greetings Fellow Amateur Radio Operators,

      Yesterday i took down my echolink node radio for possible
      interference from the national call frequency of 146.520 MHz. Since
      that frequency was designed for calling a station, making contact
      and moving to another simplex frequency and not using it for general
      rag chewing qso i wrote this from taking some time and reflex some
      personal thoughts about being a ham operator. So for safety sake of
      my technician license i personally decided to send the radio in for
      a check-up with a certified FCC technician. It won't be back up in
      operation until after the thanksgiving holiday so please be patient
      with me for those whom i have not personally contacted by phone, e-
      mail and/or the link's website. Hopefully it won't effect my
      coverage area of goose creek, moncks corner, summerville, ladson and
      the city of charleston areas. We hams must be respectful of each
      other and be patient with each other. The most important quality of
      ham radio is proper radio responiblities (Part 97.103), with the
      other important rules of Part 97. It seems from the evolution of
      amateur radio we hams must be willing to widen our minds to the ever
      changing technology that now includes voice-over-ip like echolink
      and irlp ham radio. There is people who say echolink isn't ham
      radio but what exactly is ham radio? If the invention of the first
      radio was just only the spark gap sending out morse code and did not
      grow from there, would the evolution of the transmitter / receiver
      and other modes of communications (SSB, FM, AM to name a few) be
      concidered ham radio by one of the inventors like marconi? Nikola
      Tesla, Alexander Popov, Oliver Lodge, Reginald Fessenden, Heinrich
      Hertz, Mahlon Loomis, Nathan Stubblefield, James Clerk Maxwell and
      even Thomas Edison, among others who used their knowledge and
      forethought providing that creative spark to ignite the advancement
      of communications that we enjoy today. We don't just have one way
      to talk to each other but many other possible modes to choose from.
      But concidered ham radio even with the possibly releasing of the
      morse code requirement from the united states border which seems
      that all the other countries are doing we might eventually remove
      the requirement of licenses above technician that required morse
      code to operate in the HF spectrum. We must and i think it's our
      duty to reflect proper station operation standards. Be proud of your
      license as i have been for over 14 years, i may never upgrade my
      level but i have always been proud of serving my license class with
      honor. We are all amateur radio operators, doesn't matter if you
      hold a novice, technician, technician plus, general, advance or
      extra we are all equally.....Amateur Radio Operators, be proud and
      respect each other and respect yourselves. Take care of yourselves
      and each other. Happy Thanksgiving, be safe during these holiday
      season travels driving to and from your friends, families homes and
      continue to enjoy ham radio once more.
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