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Take your HT to work!

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  • Kg4LMU_John
    Most of this group compliments this daily ! Lets have some Fun with this ;- . Tuesday June 21, 2005 What s that? The very best Amateur Radio recruiter is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2005
      Most of this group compliments this daily !

      Lets have some Fun with this ;->.

      Tuesday June 21, 2005

      What's that?

      The very best Amateur Radio recruiter is a ham.

      On June 21st we are encouraging all hams in the US that have an HT
      to take it with them to work. Wear it on your belt, put it on your
      desk or some other place where your co-workers can see it. We hope
      that it will raise curiosity and questions. This is a chance for you
      to talk to them about ham radio! At lunchtime, show them how it
      works. Make some contacts while they are watching. Even better, let
      them talk on the radio! Then invite your co-workers to come see you
      at Field Day weekend. There they can meet even more hams, see a full
      station in simulated emergency operations, learn more and get
      information so that they too can get their Technician license.

      When it's all done, just mail in a report to:

      HT Workday
      225 Main St
      Newington, CT 06111
      List four things:

      your call sign
      how many non-hams watched you make a contact during the day
      how many non-hams were you able to get to talk on your radio
      how many non-hams said they would come to your Field Day site
      The people with the highest activity levels will be eligible for
      prizes including the new ARRL Handbook, or Antenna Book or Operating

      What else?

      There will be monitors on various repeaters randomly scattered
      throughout the country. If you are heard during the lunch hour of 12
      to 1 (your local time) participating in HT Workday, showing your
      radio to a non-ham, you just might have one of the special monitors
      come back to you telling you you've just won a new ARRL Repeater


      *W1AW * will be running via *ECHOLINK* and also checking into
      repeaters and sites across the country during their lunch hour of 12
      to 1 p.m. local time. Bear, from the Christmas Toy Drive, and his
      friends will be giving away Repeater Directories to hams
      participating in HT Workday.


      This is a chance to have a lot of fun, recruit new hams, invite
      people to Field Day, get publicity, and show off Amateur Radio. Many
      people would like to have the capabilities of ham radio in a crisis
      but don't know where to start. The best recruiter is another ham who
      can show, guide and explain how to get their Technician license,
      then link them to the right people in your area. I hope you have fun
      and make the most of it!

      See the full document and press release at:



      73 KF4VGX
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