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9/11 commemorative Net!!!

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  • kg4lmu_john
    Well its set we need to get to word out to all local repeaters,links Eqso/echolink user and local hams for that matter. Not sure of the specifics yet except
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
      Well its set we need to get to word out to all local repeaters,links
      Eqso/echolink user and local hams for that matter. Not sure of the
      specifics yet except K5jd and N2LEN will be sponsoring. There alot of
      influencial hams there are getting envolved with the program and this
      looks like this may be the most spectacular net ham radio has ever
      seen. Internet linking with the voip software providing the means for
      every state in the United States to link via the EQSO/ECHOLINK
      software. I cant wait to see how many more Local repeaters owners and
      trustee's want to jump on the echolink/EQSO band wagon after this
      net. My local repeater has stated they want to be the best repeater
      in our area and have no intention of bringing the echolink software
      anywhere around there repeater. Thats a shame considering they dont
      know what there missing o well. I have contacted another repeater
      owner in the area and he is more than happy to represent the state of
      michigan. I am so glad to see the influx of support for this net. Not
      only for those that lost loved ones in the world trade center tragedy
      but for the ham community at large. Several quick announcments we
      have found a new moderator to represent the Short wave listeners on
      the EQSO side and will be having some info posts on the website and
      within the group. Subjects like guidelines for nonliscensed ameteurs
      via EQSO. Were to find the action. Basiclly this is a upcomming ham
      still studying thats trying to get other people involved with ham
      radio. His name is DOUG and his unofficial call sign is SWL0529 if
      you or someone you no is a short wave listener you can catch Doug via
      EQSO N2LEN.dns2go.com room 105 with any questions or comments about
      the software or general guidelines he can point you or any freinds
      you might have in the right direction. I also would like to thank
      John,N4shx for not giving up on the VOIP HAM community. After
      diligent work hes finally up and running. Just dont touch anything
      John,LOL. They latest news via the echolinkhams groups THE BRIDGE
      ver.28 is out and online via N2len amongst other server's. As some of
      you may have noticed there have been some complaints in regards to
      all the net info thats been being put forth via the group. Well its
      been changed the nets are now limited to 1 reminder a day,except for
      a key few,mainly the N2len net reminders. Those of you who dont know
      Len,N2len has been more forthcoming with his linked repeater system
      and has made his conference server available for hams to hold there
      nets including myself and the N2LEN Euro net. With that being said he
      gets first crack at all reminders via the ECHOLINKHAMS group,Sorry
      fellas but thats the way it is. Reminder the new web page for the
      group is up and can be found virtually anywhere on the internet. For
      those of you that havent noticed this group is not the echolink yahoo
      group and was built for the purpose of information via echolink and
      to help new user having problems or that just dont understand the
      software. We have expanded and our researching the EQSO software and
      in the future will be including EQSO net info also. One last thing
      for those of you who hold nets within the group and have "not unless
      your on My list" Your nets will be removed from the calander in the
      very near future. Ooppss almost forgot NO we are not changing the
      NAME of the group its ECHOLINKHAMS thats the way its going to stay.
      This is a hobby for me and it would be to much WORK to go to all the
      differant sites and search engines to do a name change. Thanks again
      to all members for sticking with us and for all your support at all
      the various nets.
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