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Re: [ECHOLINKHAMS] commemorative 911 net

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  • Robert E March
    ... From: Robert E March To: ECHOLINKHAMS@yahoogroups.com Sent: September 02, 2002 13:50 PM Subject: Re: [ECHOLINKHAMS] commemorative 911 net What are U.S
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      Sent: September 02, 2002 13:50 PM
      Subject: Re: [ECHOLINKHAMS] commemorative 911 net

      What are U.S Providences? Do you mean province's and if so thay are not U.S. :-)
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      From: kc3mn.rm
      Sent: September 02, 2002 8:19 AM
      Subject: [ECHOLINKHAMS] commemorative 911 net

      The n2len repeater and several others hams are working on doing a
      commemorative 9 11 net on the n2len repeater and several other

      To honor all the people and there family's that have lost there lives
      on Sept 11 2001.

      We are looking for comments and ideas on what this net should
      consists of Some ideas have to have some offices of NYC fire; police,
      etc say a few words. And may be some hams for the cloth say a few

      We would like to have hams check in to represent the all 50 states
      and all U.S. Providences

        If you are a repeater-link a simplex-Link a Eqso-user or Echolink
      User We would love to Hear from you and see what you think and any
      ideas You may have for this special net.

      We will be using the N2LEN, K5JD, 2E1EHM Conference servers, and
      creating a special room called 911 Eqso    on the n2len.dns2go.com

      PS. We would love to have you join us
      On this day that has touched all of us so closely

      Thank you
      N2LEN- LEN




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