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RE: [ECHOLINKHAMS] Latest from Austria on BPL Technologh..article worth noting!

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  • Bogdan, Rick
    Thanks John. I ll pass this on to our local group who are fighting this with $$ to the league. Rick Bogdan ka1udx ... From: John N4SHX
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2004
      Thanks John.  I'll pass this on to our local group who are fighting this with $$ to the league.
      Rick Bogdan  ka1udx

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      Subject: [ECHOLINKHAMS] Latest from Austria on BPL Technologh..article worth noting!

      For those of you following the latest controversy over BPL Technology, I found this article from this week's ARRL Newsletter, very interesting. Worth noting!
      John, N4SHX, Durham, NC, USA

      The Austrian Amateur Transmitter Federation (ÖVSV--Österreichischer
      Versuchssenderverband) <http://www.oevsv.at/index.shtml> reports that a
      Broadband over Power Line (BPL) field test in the city of Linz has been
      cut short as a result of excessive radio interference. ÖVSV, Austria's
      International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) <http://www.iaru.org>
      member-society, said in December that the Government Ministry for
      Commerce, Innovation and Technology closed down Linz Power Company's BPL
      pilot project because it was generating interference on the HF bands.
      Shortwave broadcaster Radio Austria's futureZone service
      <http://futurezone.orf.at> says the case that brought the issue to a head
      was a Red Cross report that emergency services radio traffic during a
      disaster response drill last May was the victim of massive BPL

      "The Commerce Ministry Order not only means the end of the Linz BPL pilot
      project," the Radio Austria report said, "but the end of the deployment of
      this technology in Austria, especially given the interference to radio
      communication in places of business." According to the broadcaster,
      measurements were said to have indicated that radiation from the BPL
      system exceeded permissible field strength levels by a factor of 10,000.

      ÖVSV says radio amateurs in Austria have opposed deployment of all BPL
      experiments as neither legal nor compatible with "vital, worldwide
      shortwave radiocommunication." Among other problems with BPL, ÖVSV has
      cited its potential to disrupt emergency communications and safety-of-life
      services as well as military operations on HF and navigation and
      aeronautical communication.

      Last fall, ÖVSV representatives and Linz amateurs got together with power
      company representatives in an effort to resolve BPL's incompatibility with
      HF radio operation. The meetings followed news reports of interference to
      emergency service communications and QRM complaints from several area
      hams. "Because of the racket, expensive installations, such as a 20-meter
      monobander on a high-rise building, become totally worthless," ÖVSV said.

      The utility agreed to look into the possibility of a 100-meter protective
      zone around each amateur's location, notch filters for amateur
      frequencies, network system filters and the use of 5 GHz wireless local
      area networks.


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