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*ROCKYMTN* Server Back Online

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  • Patrick Cook, KB0OXD
    Hi everyone: My battles with ol Murphy continue..... It seems as though that, for some strange reason, there s an issue between EchoLink (at least as a PC
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2003
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      Hi everyone:
      My battles with ol' Murphy continue.....
      It seems as though that, for some strange reason, there's an issue between EchoLink (at least as a PC user, donnu 'bout Sysop mode) and the SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer sound card.  Just transmitting as a PC user using this card can make using other voice capturing applications useless.  Even if I _DO NOT_ use the 300 Hz. Band Pass Filer within EchoLink 
      Given this....Until this issue can be addressed and resolved by Jonathan and his wonderful staff (assuming it CAN be addressed), and/or until I can (finally) get my link on the air, the *ROCKYMTN* Server will stay online as my contribution to EchoLink (unless it's requested that it be taken down). 
      As much as I like to use EchoLink, I don't want to do so at the expense of having to REINSTALL MY SOUND CARD DRIVERS every time just so I can use other voice capturing programs.  I'll still be around by voice.  But it'll be via the W0TX repeater on 440 Mhz. for right now (From my new apartment, I can get that repeater MUCH better than the N0OBA repeater on 2 meterrs for some reason).
      Anyways....Just wanted to make this quick announcement.  Hopefully Jonathan and his staff will be able to resolve the sound card issue soon.  If not, and I get my link on the air, I'll use the onboard sound if I have to (I know some of you are shuddering at the merre thought of that.  I don't exactly relish it either, but it beats the alternative  :-)).
      Cheers for now & 73  :-)
      Patrick Cook, KB0OXD
      KB0OXD CyberShack Webmaster
      Owner - EchoLink Node 19905
      Rocky Mountain eQSO Conference Server - milehigh.dns2go.com (Port 10024)
      Co-Moderator - ARAAN (Amateur Radio AMBER Alert Network) Discussion Group
      Denver, Colorado  USA  Grid Square - DM79
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