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Rocky Mountain EchoLink Conference Server NOW ONLINE

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  • Patrick Cook, KB0OXD
    Hi everyone: Since I currently can t really use EchoLink as a PC user anymore (mic jack on the sound card is messed up) and I doubt I ll ever get it fixed
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003
      Hi everyone:
      Since I currently can't really use EchoLink as a PC user anymore (mic jack on the sound card is messed up) and I doubt I'll ever get it fixed before I get my RF Link up and running (which will most likely be the time I get the card replaced with a newer SoundBlaster I have :-)), I figured the LEAST I could do was give up a little bandwidth by running a Conference Server.
      As such, you should see (at least I *hope* you do!) the *ROCKYMTN* Conference Server in your list of servers.  It is run by me off my cable modem on the same computer I do everything else on (including running the Rocky Mountain eQSO Server).  It is there for your use.  NETS ARE ENCOURAGED!!!  If you have an idea for a net, drop me a line at kb0oxd@... (this is the most reliable of the two addresses I have) and we can make arrangements.  :-)
      Lenny, you can add BOTH of my servers on EchoLink and (if needed) eQSO to your growing list of servers for the Special 9/11 Commemorative Net.  I will do what I can to ensure that as much bandwidth as possible is freed up (my upstream bandwidth is 256K).  Contact me at the address above if you have any further needs.  :-).
      In the meantime....Cheers for now & 73 everyone  :-)
      Patrick Cook, KB0OXD
      KB0OXD CyberShack Webmaster
      Owner - EchoLink Node 19905
      Rocky Mountain eQSO Conference Server - milehigh.dns2go.com (Port 10024)
      Co-Moderator - ARAAN (Amateur Radio AMBER Alert Network) Discussion Group
      Denver, Colorado  USA  Grid Square - DM79

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