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    -- I usually rant about posters failure to trim their posts of all the garbage at the bottom... And this one had quite a bit.. However, it was difficult to
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      -- I usually rant about posters failure to 'trim' their posts of all the garbage at the bottom... And this one had quite a bit.. However, it was difficult to do so in this message.  Much of the ads were pictures, not text, that had to be individually selected and then 'cut' - call them obnoxious 'stubborn ads'. 
      Quite a few of the smaller retail stores (local one-shop business that typically configure 'white boxes' for their customers do frequently add a dozen or more 'free' apps to their basic install.
      They do this to give then a marketing edge: "Look at the exciting bundle of software we include without any additional cost to you".
      They download a single copy of things like the zip file decompressions, zone-alarm, free-virus protection software, shareware games, etc., and add them to their master install disk.  That disc is then cloned onto all systems they sell... Quick and easy for them and there is no need for them to do the time consuming individual installs on each system.
      The problem for you may be that they do not individually configure these 'free' applications for YOUR usage.
      73, Frank
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      Ok thanks and 73s to all-fr Peter VE2PJV
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      He can't find it because Zone Alarm does NOT come with XP. It is a sparate program. Don't know where you heard that it is pre loaded in XP, bur that is not true. Someone was feeding you a line. There is a firewall that comes with XP but it isn't worth anything. It doesn't work on Echolink. I tried five times with help of experts to get it to work, no luck. Best bet go to Zonelabs.com and download and install the "Free" program.
      Hope this information was helpful

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