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Announcing the Second Annual *N2LEN* 9/11 Commemorative Net

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    From: k5jd Date: Thu Jul 24, 2003 5:21 pm Subject: Second Annual *N2LEN* 9/11 Commemorative Net Announcing the Second Annual *N2LEN*
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2003
      From: "k5jd" <k5jd@...>
      Date: Thu Jul 24, 2003 5:21 pm
      Subject: Second Annual *N2LEN* 9/11 Commemorative Net

      Announcing the Second Annual *N2LEN* 9/11 Commemorative Net.
      This important event will be held on Thursday, September 11 to honor
      those who lost their lives and those who spent so much time trying to
      find survivors after that terrible act of terrorism against our
      people and our country. The day will start with the main EchoLink
      net servers opening at 6:00AM EST and the directed net to begin that
      evening at 7:00PM EST. All EchoLink, IRLP and eQSO servers are
      invited to join at the times of their own choosing during the day
      to actively participate or just listen, but should plan to link no
      later than 7PM EST. Further instructions regarding how to link to the
      net will be forthcoming here on the EchoLink News Group before 9/11.

      Last year's 9/11 net is still being talked about as being, without a
      doubt, the largest real-time gathering of amateur radio operators
      ever, and the organizers of this year's net are planning the 2003 net
      to be even bigger and better. Since the last 9/11 net in 2002, there
      has been tremendous improvement in the linking software available to
      EchoLink Conference servers. 2002's net was so large that it strained
      the capacity of the EchoLink servers to handle the 1000+ stations
      that participated. This year, we are fortunate to have the
      improved "TheBridge" conference software that will allow the
      9/11 net to have virtually unlimited capacity due to the fact that
      the EchoLink Conference servers can all be linked together and act as
      one very large server with unlimited bandwidth – and without
      degraded audio! Also, enhanced conference administrator controls will
      allow muting of stuck keys, kerchunking repeaters, repeater and link
      ID's, and voice announcements.

      All three of the major types of linking software, EchoLink, IRLP and
      eQSO will be linked into the network. Ask your server operator/owner
      if he plans to link to the 9/11 net.

      Do you know someone who operated in the original 9/11 operation in
      NYC? We are looking for hams, firemen, Police and other relief
      workers who would be guest speakers to remember friends and loved
      ones they may have lost, and talk about acts of heroism by those
      involved in the search and rescue effort. Special speakers from such
      organizations as the ARRL and others will speak to the network –
      as Jim Haynie, ARRL President did last year. If you know of a
      possible guest speaker, contact N2LEN (N2LEN1@...) or K5JD
      (K5JD@...)and give them contact information.

      Put this 9/11 Special Event Net on your calendar now. Let us honor
      our fallen countrymen, the rescue workers and others by having the
      largest group of Amateur radio operators ever to assemble.

      There is a jpeg poster in the "FILES" section of the News
      Group that you can forward to your clubs and other ham radio friends.

      God Bless America
      Johnny K5JD
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