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Re: [ECHOLINKHAMS] Hello all just checkin in!

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    Interesting that you mentioned SWL (a euphanism for non licensed users) folks. eQSo allows non-licensed users, but asks them NOT to transmit. This enables a
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      Interesting that you mentioned SWL (a euphanism for non licensed users) folks.
      eQSo allows non-licensed users, but asks them NOT to transmit.  This enables a lot of folks to listen in on nets and other group discussions and hopefully become interested enough to get licensed.
      One of the many things that I do like about EchoLink is that they at least verify the call sign before enabling a user.  It really only verifies that the call sign/name match the call books or FCC records - so anyone could hijack a call sign and use the system until the real call owner or a friend notices it.  eQSO does not verify - and this has lead to a few unlicensed folks with bogus or hijacked calls using the system as a free VoIP phone system.   I believe the eQSO server operators are aware of the problem.  However, it is not a widespread problem and probably not worth the considerable effort validation would take. 
      Additionally, I've always maintained that a computer-to-computer linkup through any of these systems is not regulated by the FCC or any other radio regulators at all.  In that scenario (no different than AOL Instant Messenger) there is NO rf emission which takes it out of the purview of the radio regulators.  Doing otherwise would have the FCC regulating out internet transactions which IS a scary thought.  The internet is the last bastion of somewhat 'free'.
      73, Frank  
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 11:35 AM
      Subject: [ECHOLINKHAMS] Hello all just checkin in!

      I just received an e-mail from a fellow ham and echolinker. It seems
      the person is the second person to be banned from echolink? Without
      notification. I dont know the whole story as of yet but if echolink
      is to be consistant with ham radio than how can anyone be banned from
      its use? I dont quite understand this concept, there was talk several
      months back of allowing SWL'ers to enter the echolink community yet
      liscensed ham operators on banned from its use. I personally beleive
      if the controllers have an issue with certain people and how they use
      echolink if in proper in any manner should report the problem to the
      proper authority's instead of taking matter's into there own hands.
      Than again sometimes it is much easier to just nip the problem in the
      bud. Before it gets out of hand. Whats your take on the situation?

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