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FW: City Watch LA, 07.01.01

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  • Bennett Kayser
    The most recent issue of City Watch focuses on Neighborhood Council issues. If you haven t read City Watch before, this is a good time to start. Bennett
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2001
      The most recent issue of "City Watch" focuses on Neighborhood Council
      issues. If you haven't read "City Watch" before, this is a good time to


      From: "City Watch" <citywatch@...>
      Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:09:50 -0400
      To: <citywatch@...>
      Subject: City Watch LA, 07.01.01

      City Watch LA

      "The Inside Track to a Changing City..."

      June 18, 2001

      To read the full stories in this issue, download the attached pdf,
      or visit the City Watch website at: http://www.citywatchla.com

      PLEASE NOTE: Starting today, City Watch will now be published on
      Mondays. Watch for it!

      In This Issue...

      Downtowners Organize Neighborhood Council

      By Robert Greene, Metropolitan News-Enterprise

      More than 100 downtown residents, business leaders, property
      owners and others gathered Monday to launch a neighborhood
      council for an area seldom thought of as a neighborhood.

      "The best thing about this district," City Councilwoman-elect
      Jan Perry told the gathering at the Department of Water & Power
      auditorium, "is that it's very eclectic."...


      Workshops on Neighborhood Councils are Now Available

      By Jenny Resnick, League of Women Voters

      For the past three months the League of Women Voters has been
      running workshops to help existing organizations take a leadership
      role in the neighborhood councils forming in Los Angeles. These
      workshops have been held in English, Spanish and Korean and for a
      diverse assortment of groups from all around the city. The workshop
      is designed to engage a group of people who know each other in a
      discussion about things such as: what is a neighborhood council,
      who should be involved and how a council could serve the community.
      As every community is unique, there are inevitably topics that will
      be a larger issue for some groups, which is why the workshop has been
      devised to cater to the particular needs of each organization. While
      some groups are unfamiliar with the new charter and the concept of a
      neighborhood council, others are ready to start working on their


      Candidate Hahn's 10 point Plan for Neighborhood Councils

      As candidate Hahn he issued the following position on Neighborhood
      Councils. City Watch is republishing it to refresh our collective
      memory and to hold Mayor Hahn accountable...


      Letter to the Editor:
      Neighborhood Councils: A Plea

      By A. Jalino

      This is an open letter to all citizens, from those active in their
      neighborhoods to those completely disgusted and disenfranchised with
      government. I too am a citizen of the City of Los Angeles, and I too
      have been both active and completely disgusted. Then came hope:
      Neighborhood Councils (NCs). When I heard about NCs, I was hopeful
      and excited that we could actually make a difference in City Hall
      and to our elected officials but, like many of my neighbors, I was
      skeptical as to just How Much influence we would actually have.
      Nevertheless, like so many of our city council and mayoral candidates
      (and even those erstwhile NC supporters from the City Council that
      so opposed Charter Reform) this was to be, as one city council aide
      put it, "a new era in City government."...


      The Inciter

      By Mark Siegel

      The council Presidency is still up for grabs, with the emergence
      of Alex Padilla's candidacy for the job. As the LA Times reported,
      Cindy Miscikowski and Nick Pacheco have pledged their support to
      Padilla, making it a two-way race between the youngest member of
      the council and veteran Ruth Galanter. According to City Watch
      sources, the outcome will depend on which way Councilman Joel
      Wachs and newly elected Council member Jack Weiss vote...


      Dear City Watch Reader:

      We need your help. We're doing a pledge drive here at City
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      or radio: we are free to read, but we depend on the generosity
      of our audience to be able to continue our service.

      We are always working hard to bring you the relevant information
      you need about issues in Los Angeles. We stretch ourselves across
      the city, getting our eyes and ears into every side of politics,
      and in order to stay strong and expand into even more, we call
      on you to support us.

      For those of you who have not helped by contributing before, we
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      which, in turn, gives you a look at Los Angeles from every
      important angle.


      Mark Siegel
      Founder & Executive Editor

      PS: For your convenience, we accept contributions through VISA or
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