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Re: [EchoElysianNCForum] River West bylaws Draft 1

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  • E. Alderete
    Seems like it would be a wise idea to not assume everyone understands English. ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Spot the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18, 2001
      Seems like it would be a wise idea to not assume
      everyone understands English.
      --- smarthur22@... wrote:
      > The first draft of the currently proposed bylaws for
      > the
      > River West Council of Neighborhoods has just been
      > posted. This draft
      > was presented at our June 12th meeting. It was
      > created by the interim
      > Structure committee. This committee of interested
      > volunteers has been
      > meeting since it's creation at our February 10th
      > meeting.
      > Some of the points addressed in these bylaws are
      > boundaries,
      > governance by consensus, not majority, and the use
      > of census tracts
      > as the representational and organizational model for
      > forming the
      > Neighborhood Council.
      > The Structure group continues meeting bi-weekly to
      > discuss
      > suggestions and changes from the community. Those on
      > this forum who
      > are interested in participating would be most
      > welcome. Contact us
      > either by email or at 323 660-9928 for more
      > information.
      > FYI: The interim Structure group and the interim
      > Outreach group as
      > well as other working groups that are being formed
      > (e.g. Boundaries,
      > Certification preparation) prior to the
      > certification of the River
      > West Council of Neighborhoods, operate under the
      > motion passed at our
      > initial meeting which mandated that all interim
      > group members will
      > step down upon certification and formation as
      > outlined in the bylaws.
      > We are now looking for more activist involvement,
      > especially in the
      > outreach area, to move the creation of a
      > Neighborhood Council in our
      > community along. Please feel free to comment.
      > It is so easy to use the cyber-presence of this
      > forum to veil the
      > actuality of the work needed where the "rubber meets
      > the road". We
      > hope you will actively join us by our next general
      > meeting on July
      > 10th.
      > Steven Arthur
      > Interim Outreach Chair
      > River West Council of Neighborhoods Exploratory
      > Group

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