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  • Andrew Garsten
    Those of us who have been involved in the community over the years and know all of the players, wonder many of the same things. We expect that both groups
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18, 2001
      Those of us who have been involved in the community over the years and know all of the players, wonder many of the same things.  We expect that both groups will merge efforts one way or another at some point in the future, and that the work and people of both groups will be incorporated into a single NC.

      If you need to pick one group, can I make a simple suggestion that you choose to work with the group that you enjoy being with the most.  Personal involvement is the bottom line for the NC effort.  In order for people to be involved, they must like the group they are working with.

      As a matter of clarification:
      The EchoElysian group meets at the Methodist Church in Western Echo Park
      The RiverWest group meets at the community center in the old firehouse in Angelino Heights.
      Neither of the greater Echo Park area NC groups are in Silverlake.  Silverlake has their own NC efforts underway that do not include the greater Echo Park region.
      There are long standing community activist in both groups.
      There is no Home Owner's Association that I am aware of in Echo Park.

      If I had to characterize both groups I would say that:
      The EchoElysian group appears to be a bit more focussed, but also a bit rigid.
      The RiverWest group appears to be more democratic but also a bit disorganized.
      Both have leadership involvement that is experienced, capable and well intentioned.

      So here you see obvious trade-offs.  Feel free to e-mail me directly if you want a more detailed discussion:  arg@....


      jclyatt@... wrote:

      Could someone give us a summery of the differences between the two
      groups?  I want to get involved, but I would like to understand why
      there are two, and why I would pick one over the other.

      I have heard some pretty negative things about the group in Silver
      Lake that thinks they already know all of the issues that need to be
      worked on and are not really interested in fresh input, just to get
      the existing community activists and home owner assoc. more power
      through the NC.

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