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Re: [EchoElysianNCForum] Van De Kamps coalition Notice

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  • Andrew Garsten
    If you copied the vdk coalition email address, they will correct and send on. andrew
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 23, 2013
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      If you copied the vdk coalition email address, they will correct and
      send on.


      On 6/23/13 5:00 PM, Carol Cetrone wrote:
      > hi Christine,
      > thanks for getting the word out about this.
      > The "BerrerAD@... <mailto:BerrerAD@...>"
      > bounced back to me,
      > is there any other address for this person?
      > c
      > On Jun 22, 2013, at 11:14 AM, Christine Peters wrote:
      >> *EIR Comments due today:*
      >> >From the Van De Kamps Coaltion:
      >> Los Angeles Friends and Neighbors:
      >> Those of us who voted for the three Los Angeles Community College
      >> District bond issues to improve and expand adult community college
      >> services and who now pay an average $100-$200 per year in taxes for
      >> it, now have a brief opportunity to change the ill-conceived 2009
      >> decision of the LACCD Board of Trustees to "temporarily" lease
      >> our $91 million Van de Kamps Campus to a politically-connected
      >> charter high school. An official Environmental Impact Report comment
      >> period for the public is open between now andSaturday, June 22,
      >> 2013 for YOUR VOICE to be heard.
      >> The Van de Kamps campus at Fletcher Drive and San Fernando Road was
      >> built with community college bond funds. The $91 million was spent to
      >> build it based upon an innovative plan to offer a wide variety of
      >> fee-based community service courses that by themselves would generate
      >> enough income to operate the Van de Kamps campus without the need for
      >> state operating funds. A 2004 detailed study of the economic
      >> feasibility of this plan validated it would work and that was the
      >> basis for the LACCD Board to proceed to spend all those millions of
      >> dollars building the Van de Kamps campus. Then in 2009, as the campus
      >> neared completion, dirty politics intervened.
      >> LACCD Board Trustees Mona Field, Sylvia Scott-Hayes and
      >> administrators came to meetings and told us that due to the state
      >> budget problems, LACCD did not have operating funds to open Van de
      >> Kamps with community college training. This was a bold-faced lie. Van
      >> de Kamps was intended to open using revenues generated under its 2003
      >> operating plan. Ignoring all objections, trustees like Mona Field
      >> voted to lease away the Van de Kamps campus to a charter high school
      >> run by Richard Riordan/Eli Broad.
      >> The Van de Kamps Coalition, a group of Northeast LA organizations and
      >> individuals, sued LACCD for changing the VDK Campus uses without new
      >> environmental review. The VDK Coalition won and the court ordered the
      >> LACCD to invalidate the charter school lease and prepare a proper
      >> environmental review before considering approving any further changed
      >> uses different from the community college use in original plans.
      >> The dirty politics continues. LACCD is defying the court's order by
      >> refusing to set aside the charter school lease. And it has prepared
      >> an Environmental Report that it can use to either continue to lease
      >> to the politically-connected charter school, or to go in a direction
      >> of community college/university courses needed by young adults in our
      >> community.
      >> If LACCD Board is persuaded that the community demands its community
      >> college back, there will be time for the current charter school to
      >> make an orderly transition to a new and more appropriate location in
      >> the community. This not about closing the charter school as some say.
      >> Attached is a form letter you can fill out on your computer or sign
      >> and mail in. Every single letter sent in from the community is
      >> required to be published by LACCD in the Environmental Impact Report
      >> and responded to. Are you curious to see whether Mona Field and her
      >> cronies will choose to listen to you or Richard Riordan/Eli Broad?
      >> Would you like to see if we together can collectively raise enough
      >> protest to scare the LACCD Board into doing the right thing?
      >> Then make a vow to demand that the LACCD Board stop considering
      >> further abuse of our tax dollars and DO THE RIGHT THING by opening
      >> the satellite community college campus promised to voters when they
      >> voted for the LACCD Bond Measures.
      >> Take our form letter below and make it your own.
      >> Thank you,
      >> Van de Kamps Coalition
      >> Send your email to:
      >> BerrerAD@... <mailto:BerrerAD%40email.laccd.edu>,
      >> JustinCL@... <mailto:JustinCL%40email.laccd.edu>,
      >> thayes@... <mailto:thayes%40webtaha.com>
      >> and cc: vdkcoalition@... <mailto:vdkcoalition%40gmail.com> so
      >> it can be verified that LACCD actually puts your letter in the Final
      >> EIR analysis.
      >> Board of Trustees
      >> Los Angeles Community College District
      >> 770 Wilshire Blvd.
      >> Los Angeles, CA 90017
      >> June, 2013
      >> RE: Comments on the “Interim Use” Project at Van de Kamps Campus - EIR
      >> Dear Board of Trustees:
      >> I am writing to join my fellow neighbors and voters in Northeast Los
      >> Angeles in our demand that you end the illegal use of the $91 million
      >> Van de Kamps Community College Satellite Buildings for a charter high
      >> school and start offering community service courses, art, and other
      >> courses for adult educational purposes as outlined in the 2003 Van de
      >> Kamps operating plan. After all, this original economic feasibility
      >> plan was your justification for spending my tax dollars to build the
      >> Van de Kamps campus.
      >> Myself and my neighbors, who are charged between $100-$200 per year
      >> on our tax bills for community college services, expect this Board to
      >> deliver the services promised to give young adults in our communities
      >> hope to improve themselves. The area around Van de Kamps has numerous
      >> high schools and no community college campus. My community college
      >> taxes should not be paying for a politically-favored charter high
      >> school. Does the LACCD Board of Trustees listen to its
      >> taxpayer/constitutents, or Richard Riordian/Eli Broad who are
      >> represented on the current charter school’s board of directors?
      >> The improving state budget picture shows $3 billion more will be
      >> received this year than projected by the Governor. The expectation is
      >> that a great deal of the surplus will be invested in education – as
      >> it should. With signs of dramatic improvement of the state’s budget,
      >> which was your stated reason for failing to open Van de Kamps, why
      >> would you now consider continuing a 10-year “temporary” charter high
      >> school lease? We need you to do your job.
      >> The recent auto accident at San Fernando/Fletcher, where a charter
      >> high school student on a bike was severely injured illustrates this
      >> Board’s reckless behavior in putting a charter school at this
      >> location without conducting environmental studies for safety. As this
      >> student lies in a hospital bed recovering from his injuries, I wonder
      >> if this had to happen if you had conducted proper environmental
      >> review in 2009 when you hastily gave away our college campus.
      >> I leave it to others expert in environmental matters to comment on
      >> EIR technical issues. Put me on the list of people to receive all
      >> notices of hearing on this project.
      >> Name _____________________________________ Signature
      >> ___________________________________________
      >> Address __________________________________________________________
      >> Email Address ____________________________________________________
      >> Posted to nelalist by c howard
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