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Re: [EchoElysianNCForum] Echo Park

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  • Annalisa Magnusson
    Thanks, Isa. I m glad to here about him.
    Message 1 of 28 , Jun 17, 2013
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      Thanks, Isa. I'm glad to here about him. 

      On Jun 17, 2013, at 3:39 PM, Isa Meksin <lagunaecho@...> wrote:


      For safety, no - will remain a guest of the zoo and be in the Children's Zoo.  Dominic, who has he relationship with the remarkable animal, visit him every day.

      On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 8:57 AM, Annalisa Magnusson <pbspeedo@...> wrote:

      Will the goose come back to the park?

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