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Martina Navratilova honors Jason Collins, Jeremy Skahill speaks in LA this Sunday

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  • Ed Pearl
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2013

      Tennis Star Martina Navratilova Congratulates NBA’s Jason Collins

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      Wed, May 1, 2013

      NBA basketball player Jason Collins swept sports headlines this week when he
      publicly revealed that he is gay, becoming the first professional male
      athlete to do so while still active in a major U.S. team sport. Collins
      noted that he was inspired by tennis legend Martina Navratilova, who became
      one of the first openly gay sports figures when she came out in 1981.
      Navratilova, the winner of 59 grand slam crowns and a record nine Wimbledon
      singles championships, joins us to discuss Collins’ announcement and her
      reaction to another advancement for LGBT rights: the legalization of
      same-sex civil unions in Colorado. Back in 1992, Navratilova helped file a
      lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Colorado amendment that
      prohibited state and local regulations that extend minority civil rights
      protections to homosexuals and bisexuals in Colorado. "Jason has been a
      breath of fresh air and a pioneer," Navratilova says. "It takes a lot of
      guts to come out to your friends and family. For most gay people, coming out
      is the most traumatic experience in their life ... He’s done a lot for the
      gay community, and I thank him for that."
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