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Dave Zirin: The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love

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  • Ed Pearl
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2013

      ve> The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love

      Dave Zirin
      The Nation: April 15, 2013


      Kathrine Switzer found herself about to be thrown out of the normally
      all-male Boston Marathon when a companion threw a block that tossed a race
      official out of the running instead, April 19, 1967. (AP Photo)

      In 1967, Boston Marathon gave us all a glimpse of the possible. Today we saw
      not of the world we'd aspire to live in, but the one we actually inhabit.
      Instead of the triumph of the individual amidst the powerful throngs and
      inspiration of the collective, we have tragedy, disarray, panic, and fear.
      Like a scar, it now marks us: the loss of security among the mass. But like
      a scar, we may need to wear it proudly. We will run next year because the
      alternative is too awful to contemplate.
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