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Re: [EchoElysianNCForum] Re: La Esquinita

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  • Lisa
    Yup. We have been gentrified. Mourn for Echo Park. Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 19, 2012
      Yup. We have been gentrified. Mourn for Echo Park. 

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      On Nov 19, 2012, at 9:33 AM, Judith Hansen <judithcheerful@...> wrote:


      Thanks. I hadn't checked lately so it came as a surprise.
      Soon we will be missing all the inexpensive little places around here we can just pop into and find affordable.

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      they were evicted.  owner wanted to put something else there.  they haven't found a new location.  loyal customers signed a list with e-mail addresses.  so when someone hears it will be posted.   mike

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