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Next Saturday, 11/10, 3-1, an afternoon of music and conversation devoted to the Ash Grove

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  • Ed Pearl
    From: Victor Cohen [mailto:victor.cohen37@gmail.com] Event Description When : November 10, from 3-5 pm Where : Silverlake Public Library, 2411 Glendale Blvd,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
      From: Victor Cohen [mailto:victor.cohen37@...]

        Event Description 


       When : November 10, from 3-5 pm

       Where : Silverlake Public Library, 2411 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, 90039 

       Parking:  "Free parking available just across Glendale Bl. after the 2pm closing of the

                       Bank of America in their two adjoining lots. Over 50 spaces, there."  

      Phone: (323) 913 – 7451

      The Silverlake Public Library is hosting an afternoon of music and conversation devoted to the Ash Grove, the Los Angeles club that from 1958 to 1973 acted as a venue for the music and politics that shaped the 1960s counterculture. Come hear several of the figures that helped create the club’s path-breaking blend of music and politics share their experiences and memories, from Ed Pearl, founder and operator of the Ash Grove, to Bernie Pearl, musician and co-founder of the Ash Grove School of Traditional Music, and Gordy Alexandre, longtime manager and eyewitness to the violence directed at the club because of its role in encouraging the radical politics of that era.

      This event is designed to introduce the public to an ongoing oral history project focused on recovering the vibrant world that the Ash Grove was a part of, and which the club helped bring into existence. The project has collected interviews not only with musicians and those who helped run the Ash Grove – but also those who attended the club and were deeply moved by the experience. While its most pivotal years saw the club become a center for the 1960s counterculture in Los Angeles, this club continues to live and inspire people whose social, musical and political sensibilities were formed in part within its walls. The interviews will be collected along with the rest of the Ash Grove archive at the Ethnomusicology Library at UCLA, though the work is far from over. If you have a memory of the club, please consider attending this event, and also adding your memories to the project.

      The event is free and open to all. Come hear about this moment in Los Angeles history, and your memories as well. There will be time for questions and comments after the presentation.

      This program, and project, is sponsored by the California Council of the Humanities Story Fund.

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