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EPIA-NIC Committee Meeting, Wednesday June 15, 2011 7pm ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND

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  • Andrew Garsten
    You are invited to come tomorrow night - 7pm, Williams Hall, Barlow Hospital. Attached are also last month s DRAFT Minutes. andrew ==========================
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2011
    You are invited to come tomorrow night - 7pm, Williams Hall, Barlow

    Attached are also last month's DRAFT Minutes.




    Neighborhood Issues Committee Agenda

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 7 pm

    Williams Hall, Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way

    Members:Andrew Garsten, Darren Hubert, Peter Lassen, Kelly Erikson, Todd
    Walker, Isa Kae Meksin, Christine Peters, Judy Raskin, Michael O’Brien,
    Noel Rogers

    1. Introductions and sign in
    2. *Approve Minutes (April & May) *
    3. *Schools*:
    1. Van De Kamps/LACC-LACCD (Garsten)
    2. New Items
    4. *Land Use*:
    1. Barlow Hospital-Proposed Entitlements and Development (Garsten)
    2. Jenson’s Sign (Peters)//
    3. Morton Village complex(Garsten)
    4. Filming Committee (Garsten)
    5. Bertco Property (Hubert)
    6. Montana/Glendale/Lakeshore Restaurant (Lassen)
    7. Fix Beer & Wine (Garsten) /no update/
    8. Community Plan Update Letter (Peters)
    9. SB1818 Letter (Garsten)
    10. 7Eleven (Garsten)
    11. Sale of Lot 6 – El Centro del Pueblo (Peters)
    12. EPIA Planning Workshop (Peters)
    13. Xoia CUB (Garsten)
    14. Red Hill CUP (Hubert)
    15. Semi Tropical Spiritualist Tract Monitoring Status (Garsten)
    16. 153 North Glendale Blvd., 45-unit Affordable Housing Project
    17. Lot adjacent to Laguna Stairs (Meksin)
    18. Save-A-Lot Vacancy
    19. New Business:
    5. *Parks*:
    1. Echo Park Lake

    i.Restoration Project DEIR Sub-committee (Raskin)

    2. Elysian Park (Peters)
    3. Hi Speed Rail//Alternative route may go under Elysian
    4. New business
    5. *Public Works*:
    1. Route 2 Terminus ImprovementProject (Lassen, Raskin)
    2. Mural Projects-EPIA Committee? (Telallah, Lassen)
    3. Dodgers issues (Hubert)
    4. “Taco truck” ordinance (Peters) //
    5. New Business
    6. *Policies, Procedures, & Administrative*
    1. Standing Rules, Membership Dues. (Hubert)Welcome Noel Rogers
    2. Echo Park Community Arts Program
    3. Friends of Elysian//
    4. New Business

    i.NIC as Outreach Tool – Should we have meetings at other locations?

    8. *Newsletter/Web Page* (Hubert, Erikson)*//*
    9. *Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items *//
    10. *Future Agendas Items* **
    11. *Next Meeting Standing *//
    12. *Adjourn//*

    Standing Rules:

    */1./*/EPIA Reserve the right to oppose projects requiring entitlements
    when developer will not meet with us (or is non-responsive).5/16/2010/

    Standing Procedures:

    1. /EPIA will mail notification of meetings regarding development
    projects it is purview to 100 adjacent neighbors. 9/15/2010/
    2. /Developers will be asked if they voluntarily contribute a book of
    100 stamps to defray the cost of outreach. 9/15/2010/

    Design Guidelines

    1. /Adopted 10/20/2010/
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