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34830Next meeting, June 16, 6 pm, short notice

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  • Tad Yenawine
    Jun 13, 2014
      Howdy All,
      In preparation for the next Executive Committee meeting for GEPENC, which is next Tuesday, June 17, I am going to have one last meeting to try and get the motion about what we expect of the City of Los Angeles regarding the Dodgers operations in our neighborhood.
      I am trying to secure a location for a meeting at 6 pm, Monday, June 16.  I know the time is a bit awkward, but there are conflicts later in the evening and I think Fathers day weekend is out...
      Please mare your calendars and plan on attending.  I will send the draft of the City of Los Angeles motion out prior, it currently needs a good deal of work to be something we could adopt.

      Also for discussion at the meeting: Whom are we addressing this letter, with the accompanying motions, to?  We will want a comprehensive list of recipients prior to the board meeting on June 24, and will discuss this at the meeting on Monday, time permitting.

      Please let me know your comments and feedback if you cannot attend the meeting and I will do my best to represent your point of view.
      Thank you

      Tad Yenawine
      VTS/Visual Understanding in Education

      “Ignorance is a powerful tool if applied at the right time, even usually surpassing knowledge.”  EJ Potter, RIP 2012
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