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34375Re: Looking for clarification on Scott Ave gate opening

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  • Shira Tarrant
    Apr 4, 2014
      "But they swarm all over our streets to avoid paying. You'd think the Dodgers would want to stop that, rather than tying city services."

      Right. Which is why I suggest that the Dodgers implement a parking plan that actually works. The stories about "new" shuttles from Union Station (like the report in today's L.A. Times) are bullshit. Those shuttles were in effect years ago and nobody used them.

      Suggestion: If the Dodgers can give away bobble heads, why not give away free parking? It would be an incentive for fans to get off our streets, stop clogging the roads cruising for spots, it would minimize the public drinking and urination that we have to deal with on game days. Of course, this will only will in conjunction with an enforced traffic flow policy.

      If the Dodgers actually give a shit, it's not that hard to figure out a solution. It is unacceptable that neighbors have to put up with this. I'm sure I'm  not the only person who had to cancel meetings and other obligations because of our inability to come and go freely in our own neighborhoods. The situation has gotten significantly worse over the past years. This year takes the blue ribbon for being awful.

      With the most minimal enforcement by representatives of the 13th District, Dodgers fans became aggressive, surly, and even ran their car into Adam Bass. He is fine. That's not the point.

      Shira Tarrant

      Shira Tarrant, PhD
      Los Angeles, CA
      Twitter: @ShiraTarrant

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