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33910Re: Perpetual Internet debacle

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  • Steve Moses
    Dec 29, 2013
      We dropped AT&T a year ago and went with Time Warner for Internet and phone only. With Dish for TV and refuse to go back to cable for TV.
      Time Warner's cable has been very good, and all the speed tests I've run, it's definitely faster than AT&T was, and we did have their fiber optic, but because of their half reared way of installing we could only get 6 megs, when they quoted 12 and couldn't produce.

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      > I know this question has been popping up often but I am at my wits end and cannot afford a T1 line. I am in the part of echo park without UVerse with ATT (no fiber optic being laid here-multiple calls to ATT get nowhere-they have no plans to fiber optic us) and the one router they made that is the only one that works in this neck of woods they have stopped making. As they die every year this also can't go on. Called DISH they also offer no plans... so no fiber optic, nor reliable internet provider...what are people doing? I am at Effie and Lemoyne at base of hill....does anyone have a good provider that is relatively fast. Does Time Warner work for anyone? Dread returning to them...any suggestions? Thanks
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