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33364Re: [EchoElysianNCForum] Update on Ficus Trees Posted for removal

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  • Maria Gonzalez
    Aug 16, 2013
      THank you Christine, i just don't want what happened to the AMAZING trees that were CUT down  on Echo park and Sunset.  I just think about how Everyone used to wait for the bus in a shaded area...THANKS TO THE EXISTNG TREES.  I have seen SO many sidewalks and  trees SAVED without cutting them down.  For example Pico and Motor, around the Golf course.  They made these AMAZING trees work!  I know you have ALOT on your plate.  If you need me to help in someway please tell me.

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      On Aug 16, 2013, at 6:10 PM, "cp00733" <peterscp007@...> wrote:


      Hello all,

      CD 13 had a meeting yesterday with Bureau of Street Services. We reviewed the original plans presented to the community and requested that the 4 Ficus on Sunset between Logan and hEcho Park Ave be removed from the list. Those trees wil be trimmed and root pruned, and the tree wells enlarged. There is a small chance that once the pruning happens IF one of the trees on the North Side is compromised and considered unsafe, they may have to be removed at a later date. The one very large Ficus at McDuff in fron of Dr. Perez's office will remain posted. It was determined to be too large to safely root prune and not risk tipping over. It will remain posted. The other trees posted for removal in CD 13 are mostly the failing Chitalpas, the rogue Olives and Redbush, and one rogue Banana. Those are all part of the original plan and will be replaced with either Pistache or African Fern Pine. These plantings and removals along with the streetscape improvements will likely begin in January.

      Any posted trees on the South of Sunset, east of EP Ave are in CD 1. So if you are filing protests please contact their office as well.

      I personally witnessed the posting being removed from the Logan/EP/Sunset Ficus this morning.

      Field office for CD 13 is
      Adam Bass is the EP Field Deputy and is briefed on this issue <adam.bass@...>

      Let me know if you have further questions


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