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  • Michael Lawler
    Jun 26, 2013
      We have AT&T DSL, and we're pretty dissatisfied with it.  The speed we get is positively 20th century, too slow to stream any video other than the really low rez stuff.  And it stalls constantly.  Streaming even of audio just halts for many seconds at a time.  And the modem is unreliable -- it drops the signal and needs user intervention way more often than it should.  All in all, unacceptable.  It's only inertia that's keeping us from moving to the 21st century and switching to cable (that, and the fact that Time Warner never impressed us as a company when it was our cable TV provider).  But AT&T refuses to modernize its service in the heart of Los Angeles, so I guess people are going to be voting with their feet.


      At 02:48 PM 6/25/2013, you wrote:

      Does anyone have AT&T for their Internet? And does it run unbearably slow? Like 2 hours to download iTunes, etc.?
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