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32133Robert Fisk: A word of advice about the Middle East

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  • Ed Pearl
    Dec 26, 2012
      Hi. Still restricted, but hopeful folks at earthlink are back at work and
      will soon ok bulk emailing.
      Meanwhile, here's a realistic, thoughtful analysis from long-time
      correspondent and resident in the
      middle East and too rare a speaker in the U.S., Robert Fisk.

      From: Abie Dawjee [mailto:abie=rain.org.za@...]
      The RAIN Newsletter (23-12-12)


      Robert Fisk: A word of advice about the Middle East - we've reached the
      'tipping point' with cliches
      You've got to be careful when Syria's rebels are perpetually "closing in"

      The Independent Sunday 23 December 2012

      Remember the days when we thought Egypt's path to democracy was a done deal?
      Western-trained Mohamed Morsi had invited the people to come and meet him in
      Hosni Mubarak's former presidential palace, the old military toffs in the
      "Supreme Council of the Armed Forces" had been pensioned off and the
      International Monetary Fund was waiting to bestow some of those cruel
      deprivations upon Egypt that would ready it for our financial benevolence.
      How happy the Middle East optimists were by mid-2012.